Degree in occupational health and safety management at unisa

Occupational Health and Safety Management

degree in occupational health and safety management at unisa

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Some students also lack business skills. Ms Kohler-Barnard DA asked for a separate meeting with the Portfolio Committees on Basic Education; Higher Education and Training; and Labour, to look at the issue of [health and safety skills] not feeding into public entities. From Wade Frazenburg; I have read about Unisa courses being changed and it has caused some concern. I am passionate about being a safety officer and hopefully a manager one day. Could you briefly provide a layout of the steps I should take, courses you recommend, and ways of breaking into the field? Former editor replies; Since Sheq is multi-disciplinary, and employers are often not specific on qualifications required, the answer to your career path query depends on your industrial sector, country or countries of operation, and intended job functions.

This programme focuses on the science of Safety Management and the safety responsibilities of both line managers and staff safety practitioners. It introduces line managers and safety practitioners to the very basics in safety management. Such basics comprise the sciences of safety management and the roles of line and staff functionaries pertaining to safety risk assessment, safety management in industry and the analysis of safety incidents. The focus and contents of the proramme is unique in the sense that it prepares both managers and safety practitioners for performing their roles and functions on a professional and scientific basis. The program focus on meeting the needs of line managers and staff safety practitioners in achieving their legal responsibilities and professional accountability in making the workplace and the work procedures as safe as possible for all involved.

Nav: Home Inst. The primary aim of safety managers or officers is to create a work environment that is safe for employees to work in. They are required to develop and maintain accident prevention programmes and are responsible for ensuring that occupational accidents do not occur in the work place. To achieve this, they need to keep careful records of accidents that do occur, investigate the causes of these accidents and implement measures to prevent such accidents from recurring. Safety managers will perform a number of tasks, including ad hoc safety inspections, maintaining accident occurrence records as required by law , testifying in hearings and in court, and training other safety officers. They are predominantly employed in manufacturing or production plants, as it is within such environments that heavy-duty machinery - the major cause of industrial accidents - is used. The work environment is usually noisy.

At some point in your profession, you will develop a need for a certain skill that you must acquire for convenience at work or career advantage. Whether certain or uncertain, the need for short courses underscores their strengths in current career paths. Understanding the significance of short courses, the University of South Africa provides several short-term programmes that are beneficial in various careers. UNISA offers short courses under different colleges depending on the related field of study. Such serve to broaden and update knowledge and skills necessary for lifelong learning. Short courses offered at UNISA are essential for advancing career eligibility and updating qualifications without enrolling for full study programmes. What are short learning programmes?

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Course Level Undergraduate. Course information. Offered Externally Yes. Unit Value 4. University-wide elective course Yes.

Students should note that during the course of their studies they would be Board of Registration for Occupational Health, Safety and Associated Professionals.
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