Cyber school pros and cons

The Pros and Cons of Enrolling Your Child in Virtual School

cyber school pros and cons


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Classes occur online and some degrees are even offered without ever needing to be in a physical classroom. In this modern age, there are certainly advantages to this type of school, but there are some disadvantages that must be weighed as well. On the subject of cyber schools, here are some of the key points that should be considered before deciding one is right for you. It allows for people to work on their own time. Even if group work is assigned through a cyber school class, students are able to work more on their own schedule than forcing their life around school. This means parents can still work during the day and earn a living or kids who struggle to sit through a traditional class can make school better work for them.

Distance learning in education allows for a flexible school day. Cyber school is all about the students. It is always accommodating and planning directly for the learner. A student is not restricted to only one school district to learn in that one setting. Distance learning in education is accessible to everyone and anyone from anywhere. A quality and consistent education is made possible for all.

Now enrolling for the school year. Our educational system has evolved to the point where parents have a lot of choice as to how their child will be educated. First, you have formal, traditional schooling in the form of public and private schools, each with their own financial, social, and educational pros and cons. However, the advent of the Internet — and its constant encroachment into fields and industries that previously had little to do with telecommunications — has offered up a third option: cyber schooling. The ability to treat time as fluid, and to bring work with you wherever you go and work on it whenever you please, is a skill that every worker will be expected to have in the future. With cyber schooling, your schedule is whatever you say it is!

I have received some good feedback, some of which has been educational for me. Some have done well in these programs, while others did not. I attempted to outline pros and cons I either observed or found in my research, so my apologies if the post came across as biased or anti-cyber school. I have changed the title to better reflect my purpose. As a therapist I see a lot of avoidance, and I know that avoidance is rarely healthy.

Disadvantages of Cyber School

Our family includes 4 kids, 2 of school age. Needless to say, the last school year was a wreck., More than 6.





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