Structural firefighting strategy and tactics 2nd edition study guide

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structural firefighting strategy and tactics 2nd edition study guide

4. FIRE OFFICERS HANDBOOK OF TACTICS with John Norman DVD 4 Hoseline Selection

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Contains questions, all of multiple choice format. Scoring higher on firefighter exams is not out of reach when you've been studying the same information that is on the tests. Challenge yourself with customized test over the materials YOU need. Rapid-Fire is all about function over form. We could put a flashy graphical interface on our software but the bottom line is that it won't help you when studying for your tests.

This all NEW book provides strategy and tactics for the incident commander arriving at structure fire incidents using the available responding resources. Learn to assess the fire situation, initiate a command structure, and deploy resources until the transfer of command or termination of the incident. Strategies and tactics from national experts are presented and applied to hypothetical structure fire scenarios throughout the book. Read and see the new science so that you can apply it to structure fires. GREAT CHOICE The manual is a great choice for use in training agencies, college degree programs, and as a resource for firefighters and fire officers who serve as, or are training to be, incident commanders.

Print terminology glossaries. The database is easily edited. Your promotional test is coming up, and this book is on that long list of other textbooks. You purchase the book, open it up and read the or so pages of very specific information about the subject of structural fire fighting. You may wonder how much you will be able to remember, and how do you test your comprehension? Knightlite Software is designed to test your knowledge, pinpoint your weaknesses and build your confidence.

Rapid-Fire Software For NFPA Structural Firefighting Strategy and Tactics 2nd Edition


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