Redland fruit and spice park

Fruit and Spice Park

redland fruit and spice park

Fruit & Spice Park: 40 Acres of The Best Tropical Treats, Part 1

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Since this is a park of fruit trees and spice plants, things are in bloom at different times of It is the best in Florida. I will go there for unlimited times Love this place. I visited there Since this is a park of fruit trees and spice plants, things are in bloom at different times of year- so it is difficult to say the "best" time to visit. The visitor center had some fruit cut up for sampling which I thought was

The Fruit and Spice Park is a acre park located in the heart of the Redland and is the only botanical garden of its kind in the United States. The park in itself attracts more than 50, visitors a year because of its unique agricultural environment. The garden features more than different types of international exotic fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices. Visitors are allowed to sample fallen fruits, enjoy lunch at the Mango Cafe , or schedule a tour of the park. The Redland area, part of southern Miami-Dade County , has always been known for its many farms, unique ability to grow fresh fruit, and its reddish soil.

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Vendors and exhibitors will feature starter plants and trees, and growing and gardening supplies. Workshops, cooking demos and healthy eats are among the other offerings. Proceeds in part will go to Start off Smart S. The festival features local arts and crafts, historical exhibits, a large selection of tropical plants and great food. The festival features Asian crafts, art and exotic music and dance, highlighted by a tasty selection of authentic Far Eastern cuisine. The Festival features award winning BBQ and incredible blues and country music.

Fruit & Spice Park Events

Breadfruit & Camoflauge Bananas @ Fruit & Spice Park, Part 2

Fruit & Spice Park

Imagine a garden, acres upon acres of lush, green jackfruit trees, baobabs, and durian trees hanging low with fruit. Black sapotes are strewn on the ground, waiting to be picked apart for their sweet, luscious chocolate-pudding flesh. You can sun yourself by the water lily pond, or take shade under a wild tamarind tree. This fertile, prelapsarian paradise, rich with spice groves and nut plants, and a feast of tropical fruit trees, was the vision of one pioneer woman: Mary Calkins Heinlein. A homesteader in Redland, about 20 miles from Miami, Heinlein came across an newspaper article that mentioned farmers in South Dade county were growing avocados, sapodillas , and pears, and came up with the idea to create a space where such delightful fruit might grow together.


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