Malibu treatment before and after

Malibu C: The Pre-Color Treatment You Need

malibu treatment before and after

Jul 16, Malibu C - Before and After the Malibu MakeOver! A beautiful color service that started with the Malibu C Crystal Gel Treatment to clean and.

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The low-maintenance days of summer, filled with fun in the sun, sea, and pool, may create the need for a salon intervention come September. Oxidation from the water and sun can destroy hair color and a build-up of minerals in the hair may result in a dry, unmanageable mess. Every four months, my clients get a Malibu Makeover. The oils and silicones in products used to smooth the cuticle and mask the damage are also removed with the Malibu Makeover. You lose vibrancy, gray coverage, and it can lead to more re-dos. Peterson also sends clients home with Malibu Wellness Color Prepare, a product that draws-out the color-blocking minerals and extends color vibrancy.

Tear open the Crystal Gel Treatment packet and pour the vitamin crystals into the mixing jar. Replace the jar lid, then shake the jar vigorously.
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Ann has been in the hair game since and now owns Dharma Salon dharmasalon. She has worked with many lines and has always favored the incredible products Malibu C offers to professionals as well as clients. Did your color take darker than you expected? Did you get cold feet with the change? Did your hair grab the wrong tones?

We Test Malibu C Blondes Hair Treatment

This is because minerals such as rust and chlorine build up in your hair, leaving it feeling dry, coarse and dirty. This excess buildup can also cause blondes to take on a brassy hue in their tresses. A good way to remove this buildup and start with a clean slate is by getting a Malibu hair treatment.

How To Use Malibu Crystal Gel Treatments To Protect Your Hair And Skin From Hard Water

At i-glamour. So naturally, we asked two i-glamour. It has been 3 months since my last colour and after using Malibu C Blondes on my balayaged hair, my hair was instantly brightened and full of life again. Malibu C Blondes has extended my colour for at least another month. Followed up with the Miracle Repair treatment, which has a fruity smell. I applied mostly at my ends and a light cover on top.

If you live in a hard water area, your scalp right now is clogged up with the white slimy stuff you find at the bottom of your kettle. The Florida hard water was giving me a hard time. I could see tiny red bumps scattered all over my cheeks, and I was spending a fortune to fix my damaged hair. They deep cleanse and clarify your hair and skin from hard water abusers. My hair could soak up any color with ease. No touch ups, no re-dos. And it stayed vibrant and luminous without any expensive aftercare.


How To: Malibu MakeOver as a Salon/Spa Treatment





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