Arizona traffic ticket and complaint

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arizona traffic ticket and complaint

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For most drivers, the first things they wonder are: what are the Arizona traffic ticket fines and penalties, and how much money am I going to have to shell out? How high will my insurance rates go? Can I get rid of this thing? Arizona traffic tickets are split into two different types — civil and criminal. Each of these carries a certain amount of points that will be assessed to your record, and these points determine the severity of your fine and the rate at which your insurance rates will rise. Some of these more common tickets include:.

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Be sure to read both sides of your traffic citation. If none of the conditions above apply to you, choose one of the following options in responding to your citation: Click on the following options for required forms and information. If you choose to attend defenseive driving school, and you are eligible to attend, do not pay your citation online. You can attend before your scheduled court date or you may request a one time extension to attend defensive driving school. You may pay the amount listed on the bond envelope and mail in your payment. Do not send cash through the mail 2. You may pay by Visa, Masercard, Discover by mail or phone a convenience fee is required.

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This Website is ONLY for violations that were cited on an 'Arizona Traffic Ticket and Complaint (ATTC)' form. To determine whether a MOTOR CARRIER.
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    The Arizona Department of Public Safety issues citations for various violations pertaining to Arizona Revised Statutes. These citations can be issued into any.

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