5 year old whining and crying all the time

Itís science: Kids whine for a (very good) reason

5 year old whining and crying all the time

10 Parenting Tips to Calm Down Any Child In a Minute

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We've got advice about teaching your preschooler to find less annoying ways to get what she wants. I have to say, my daughter, Avery, is already somewhat of an overachiever. She always runs when she could walk, she routinely gobbles down her dinner so she can finish before everyone else at the table, and she insists on climbing higher than all the kids on the jungle gym luckily, I have a strong stomach. But I'd be remiss not to include this less-than-desirable distinction: Avery is also a world-class whiner, griping at a jaw-dropping pitch for such lengths that she can easily outdo any other 4-year-old in a single squawk session. Avery's impassioned approach to life is refreshing, but her overzealous whining? Not so much.

You know that your preschooler is trying to manipulate you, but whenever he whines, he wins. Almost from the time my daughter, Elizabeth, could speak in sentences, she whined when she didn't get what she wanted: my attention, a snack, a repair job on a faulty toy. When she turned and suddenly seemed like such a "big girl"-- her continued whining started to drive me crazy. I'd mutter angrily under my breath, clench my teeth, even whine back. Once I lost control and screamed "Shut up! But more often than not, I'd let her have her way just to make the shrill sound stop. Like nails on a chalkboard, whining--an irritating blend of talking and crying--has the ability to make almost any parent get angry or give in.

To react to whining with compassion instead of annoyance , parents can remind themselves of the science-based reasons why kids whine, and what they are trying to accomplish with it. Jessica Michaelson suggests that one of the main reasons kids whine is because they are exhausted and need your help. When kids get stressed, hungry, thirsty, tired or overwhelmed often by a change in routine , their sweet natural voices get replaced by high-pitched, need-it-now tones. It's just more effective. Researchers have found that people tune in more to whining than to neutral speech or crying.

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My child is always crying and whining, and it drives me crazy

The dilemma I have a month-old who constantly whines. She dislikes everything and constantly wants her daddy, who can't stand the noise, so we don't live together. She has been like this since she was born, 10 weeks early. I feel she is in pain in some way, but nobody wants to listen. Why else would a perfectly normal child be miserable all this time? It doesn't make any sense. I have two other children from my first marriage and they were fine.


Whine? Not! Four Ways to Deal with Whining Children


Five year olds are tricky beings because they are at a phase where they your child starts whining, you immediately say, "okay time for a nap".
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