Ben and jerrys donation request

Ben & Jerry’s Boycott

ben and jerrys donation request

Organizations may receive grants from Ben & Jerry's Foundation through a fiscal agent with For sponsorship requests, please visit the Ben & Jerry's website.

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The promotion is available until March 15, and promises one free scoop to anyone who donates a book and two free scoops to those who bring dictionaries. Katya Roytburd, an eight-year volunteer for Prison Books, said the group asks people in prisons to send them letters requesting types of books. A large portion of these proceeds will go to Prison Books, Roytburd said. One genre that the group is always asking for is dictionaries. LaRocco Masi said that having these books donated is really important for prisoners to show that people on the outside care. The Daily Tar Heel welcomes thoughtful discussion on all of our stories, but please keep comments civil and on-topic. Your tax-deductible donation keeps independent journalism alive in Chapel Hill.

South Burlington, VT The Ben & Jerry's Foundation does not accept grant applications via mail. Mailed requests will not be acknowledged.
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For organizations based in Vermont, we have several grant program choices. If your organization is based outside of Vermont, but within the United States, you may be eligible to apply through our national program, the Grassroots Organizing for Social Change grant program. All of our grant programs are highly competitive and we recommend that potential applicants thoroughly review our grant guidelines to ensure a good fit. Rather, we focus on the types of activities and strategies an organization uses for creating social change. Please review the guidelines for each of our grant programs. A letter of intention from the fiscal agent is required along with their IRS determination letter with the submittal of your full proposal. All of our grant programs are accessed through this website.

Jerry Greenfield was appointed president of the foundation because, as he likes to tell it, he missed the first meeting when roles were decided. The two other trustees were Jeff Furman, one of the original company board members, and Naomi Tannen, a good friend of Ben and Jerry. It was figuratively and literally separate from the company because the trustees felt the foundation should not be beholden to or responsive to the marketing needs of the company. They wanted the philanthropic energy of the foundation to be pure in its intentions. Right away, the foundation was flooded with requests to fund all sorts of wonderful programs, many of them involving direct services to individuals.

This was the second year's protest at this event in Finland in June that draws 70,, people. So they demonstrated again this year. People demonstrated at their stand during this time. Their position was they don't know how much of the Israeli licensee's business in the settlements, which is very small, and anyway countered by the good they are doing in the region by contributing to various projects and buying from Palestinian farmers. Unilever did not respond to the letter, but, directed, we believe, Jostein Solheim to do so. Once again, Mr. Solheim did not make a single reference to the occupation or Israel's settlements - an omission more striking than normal given that it came during the period of massive protests in Gaza The Great March of Return and the slaughter and maiming of nonviolent protesters by Israeli snipers.

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As a first step, the company says in a press release that it will no longer offer plastic straws and spoons in any of its more than Scoop Shops worldwide in early The company also announced a plan to address plastic cups and lids used to serve ice cream by the end of The only solution is to stop using them.

You can now enjoy an entire line of Bernie Sanders-inspired ice cream

The flavor is a nod to the senator's second presidential campaign for following his first run in The ice cream is made with hot cinnamon ice cream, a chocolate disc on top, and a "very stiff" butter toffee backbone in the middle of the pint, according to Sanders' campaign website. BernieSanders is the best candidate to beat Trump and drive the transformational change that we need to create a country that works for working families," Cohen tweeted. Read more: Bernie Sanders handed over his Twitter to Walmart workers, and they sounded off on declining store hours, the Walton fortune, and the retail giant's time-off policy. And the hot cinnamon is our political revolution holding politicians' feet to the fire to make America work for working people of all races and genders. Ben's Best's new "Bernie's Back" ice cream. However, you won't be able to find "Bernie's Back" in the freezer aisle.



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    By participating in the Promotion, you agree to be bound by these Official Rules and represent that you satisfy all of the eligibility requirements below.

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    Ben & Jerry's Donations Program. If you are in Vermont, you can also request a donation of bulk tubs of ice cream. If you are not in Vermont, please contact.

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