Marc metral and his talking dog wendy wow the judges

Simon Cowell calls RSPCA to investigate mistreatment of Britain's Got Talent talking dog

marc metral and his talking dog wendy wow the judges

Fans were concerned about Marc Metral and Miss Wendy's BGT act However, head judge Simon has admitted he "thought a lot" about the act before deciding to contact Marc and his 'talking dog' have made it to the semi-final .. WoW Classic stress test countdown World of Warcraft beta release date.

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But some viewers at home were less dazzled by Miss Wendy's false mouth trick - and questioned the effect of the 'cruel' stunt on the dog. After Saturday's episode of the show, broadcasting regulator Ofcom received 21 complaints over the talking dog, while ITV received a further Scroll down for video. Was it a trick? Convincing: Miss Wendy's mouth moved perfectly in time with the music but it is believed the dog had a fake jaw. Astonished: Simon Cowell thought the act was incredible and even called his girlfriend Lauren to tell her about it. Theory: It is believed that a false mouth was placed on Miss Wendy's face, which is triggered by a remote control.

Any muzzle or mask should only be used if introduced gradually to the dog and with positive training methods. Dogs should never be forced to wear anything. Metral has also refuted claims that Wendy is mistreated. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here. Want to discuss real-world problems, be involved in the most engaging discussions and hear from the journalists?

Simon is totally smitten! What did you think of Wendy the amazing talking dog? Please let us know in the comment section below and remember to share the video and sign up for our free newsletter! Love April 14, am. Anita April 14, pm.

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BGT pic. - The year-old French ventriloquist has come under fire for mistreating his pet Miss Wendy and viewers have complained to ITV and Ofcom that the act is "cruel". However, head judge Simon has admitted he "thought a lot" about the act before deciding to contact the RSPCA to check the animal's wellbeing.

Britain's Got Talent's talking dog Miss Wendy sparks dozens of complaints

Talking dog Wendy and her own Marc Metral came under concern from viewers once again after she appeared to be shaking throughout her performance on the BGT semi-final. After last night Britain's Got Talent semi-final - where Wendy appeared to be shaking throughout her performance with owner Marc Metral - the head judge has hit back at suggestions the performance was cruel. I would never allow any animal to be treated in a cruel way. But care that you care. If you care your concern can do much more good. Over 10 million viewers saw the act of Marc Metral and his dog Wendy where the white mutt appeared to talk and sing whilst being cuddled by his owner. However, it has been reported that a fake nose and tongue is attached to the dog like a muzzle in order for the act to work, and is then operated by Marc using an electronic remote.



Talking Dog Charms ‘Britain’s Got Talent’ and Simon Falls In Love






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    The ventriloquist trick was enough to earn the duo a spot in the semi-finals, but some viewers have sent in complaints about possible animal abuse and how the performance was cruel to the dog.

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    Watch: So there was a talking dog on last night's Britain's Got Talent

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