Spy kids then and now

The little girl from Spy Kids looks a lot different now and shes PREGNANT

spy kids then and now

's Spy Kids was a thrilling tween blockbuster, and here's what the cast is up to almost two decades after the first film.

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An upbeat and exciting take on the spy genre that's great for fans of all ages, Spy Kids currently holds a 93 percent "Fresh" rating at Rotten Tomatoes and for good reason. The franchise has since gone on to spawn three different sequels, the most recent being 's Spy Kids: All the Time in the World , which featured a largely new cast and was panned by critics. But what about the actors in the original Spy Kids? We caught up with the stars of this family gem of a film to see what they look like and are up to today. His older sister can't stand him and constantly picks on him, and despite her poor treatment of him, Juni keeps confidential a very embarrassing secret about her.

Remember the classic kid film series Spy Kids? Well, the original film came out over 15 years ago. You heard me right, it's been 15 whole years since we first saw Antonio Banderas and his wife being saved from an evil mastermind by their two dare I say badass? It's no secret to anyone that a lot can change over a 15 year time span just ask Alexa Vega. She portrayed Carmen Cortez in the original Spy Kids film, but I guarantee you won't recognize her today. The plot revolved around two married spies who are forced to tell their kids about their secret occupation when they are kidnapped by diabolical kid's show host Fegan Floop. You've probably spotted her in projects like Sleepover , Innocent and Broken Hill.

What he's up to now: He most recently voiced a few characters on Cartoon Network's reboot of Ben 10 and is also having "really fucking great sex" with girlfriend Meghan Trainor. What he's up to now: He is set to star as Gianni Versace in a new biopic. He also had a minor heart attack this past January, but has recovered nicely. She will be reprising the role in the upcoming San Andreas 2. Both establishments are in Los Angeles.

Remember the Spy Kids? Well, in case you aren't aware, Alexa PenaVega and Daryl Sabara are still popular as adults, and they should definitely double-date, because fans love them even more as a unit with their significant others. The PenaVegas are currently expecting their second child. Daryl 26, married singer Meghan Trainor last December, on her 25th birthday, a year after they got engaged and more than two years after they started dating. They Dated?

The first installment in the Spy Kids film series , the film was theatrically released in the United States on March 30, , by Dimension Films. An animated reboot series, Spy Kids: Mission Critical , premiered in Gregorio and Ingrid Cortez are rival spies who fall in love. They retire and have two children, year-old Carmen and 9-year-old Juni. The children have no idea of their parents' previous career. Gregorio and Ingrid are called back into the field when agents go missing. The children are left in the care of their uncle, Felix.

In , Alexa played the role of a secret agent that helped to save her parents from the clutches of danger. Not many people know that Alexa even contributed to the soundtracks of the popular film franchise. I wish I could celebrate Halloween like this every year! Sorry I haven't posted much!!! We've been non stop with filming! Can't wait for you guys to see it!!!

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The most famous of the original cast, Banderas brought his signature smolder and suaveness to his role as the male head of the Cortez household, Gregorio. He is currently dating gorgeous banker Nicole Kimpel and is slated to appear in the upcoming X-Men film, New Mutants , due out this August. Though Gugino has been in the business since the late 80s, the actress is just starting to make herself into a household name thanks in large part to director Mike Flanagan. As Ingrid, the mom of the Cortez family, Gugino was the perfect foil for Banderas, offering up a feminine cool to compliment his masculine suave. Vega starred as Carmen, the taller of the pint-sized spy duo.

Want to hear something that will make you feel totally ancient? The movie Spy Kids is now 17 years old. That's right. There are adults out there who were babies when it came out in theatres. Isn't that insane? Spy Kids was a pretty beloved film in my family; it had just the right blend of comedy, action, and a load of innuendo-laden jokes that went totally over our heads.

The Spy Kids cast, especially Carmen and Juni, were our heroes. We all wanted to find out our parents were actually secret agents! The Cortez family were a vital part of our childhoods. Some parts were exciting, others were downright creepy. But the most exciting news she shared over the past few years was her marriage Carlos Pena Jr. I got ONE where he was looking up!

This is what the cast of the 'Spy Kids' movies look like 17 years on from release

The celebrated actor played the father of the Cortez family, a spy with some seriously cool technology who is married to his former spy rival, Ingrid Cortez Carla Gugino. In recent years, Banderas continued to add to his filmography with roles in Machete Kills , The Expendables 3 , and Knight of Cups Gugino returned to television in recent years with a episode arc as Amanda on Entourage , a stint on Californication as Abby, and appearances in The Brink and Wayward Pines. The oldest child of Ingrid and Gregorio, Carmen tries to take care of her little brother Juni Daryl Sabara , no matter how annoying he may be. The former child star married Carlos Pena in , inspiring her name change to Alexa PenaVega, and recently competed on the 21st season of Dancing with the Stars and played Kiley on Nashville.






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