How to tell the difference between blue topaz and aquamarine

Aquamarine vs Blue Topaz: What is the Difference?

how to tell the difference between blue topaz and aquamarine

Blue topaz and aquamarine are two of the most popular blue gemstones used in jewelry. Read this article to find out the differences between blue topaz and.

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These gems can give a tough competition to one another not just in physical appearance, but other characteristics as well. Take a look at our comparative analysis to find out what is different between them, and which one you should pick. Aquamarine and Swiss blue topaz can give a tough competition to each other on almost all scales. Both these gems are found abundantly in nature that too with amazing clarity. However, it is important to know that almost all blue topaz stones are derived by heat treating pale or low-quality colorless topaz. Since the latter is found in plenty, the production of this gem is subsequently high. This is precisely why blue topaz stones both Swiss and London are very affordable.

Two of the most popular gemstones on the market are Blue Topaz and Aquamarine. Both of these stones reflect a brilliant blueish- green color. A favorite to jewelers and consumers for centuries. While these two gemstones may be practically impossible to tell apart with the naked eye, there are some significant differences. These differences may make you decide to purchase one stone and not the other. Blue Topaz is commonly referred to as the jewel of love and loyalty.

Do you need help? Please call us at Do you have a piece of jewelry with a light blue stone and you're not quite sure if it is Blue Topaz or Aquamarine? It is truly difficult to discern the difference, but there are variations to the trained eye. Aquamarine is the March birthstone and comes in a broad range of hues, from almost colorless to rich blue-green shades reminiscent of the deep sea. Aquamarine is a derivative of the beryl mineral. While many precious gemstones, such as emeralds and sapphire, are prone to flaws, there are an abundance of flawless aquamarine in the market.

We often have affiliate partnerships, and may generate some revenue from these links at no cost to you. Known for their dreamy, pastel, vivid blue hues, blue topaz and aquamarine are two gemstones that are beautiful choices for any jewelry! While blue topaz has been the second most popular blue gemstone since the early s, aquamarine is considered more valuable. Blue topaz and aquamarine are so similar in appearance that it is practically impossible to tell the two apart just by looking at it. In fact, many fraudulent vendors successfully pass off the less valuable blue topaz as aquamarine. However, apart from similarity in appearance, the two stones are very different from each other. In this article we compare blue topaz and aquamarine side by side and go into the details of the differences between these two gemstones.

Gemstones such as diamonds, sapphires, aquamarines and others are extremely rare and expensive. Due to their high demand and business, the potential market of gemstones has seen a tremendous rise in past few decades with a large involvement of counterfeits and forged copies. One pair that is difficult to tell apart is the Aquamarine and Blue Topaz stones. Physically, they are very hard to tell apart but in reality, an Aquamarine is much more costly than Blue Topaz. Some people seek advantage by selling Blue topaz in place of Aquamarine to make great profit. Topaz is naturally white in colour but may develop colour shades by introduction of impurity and inclusions.

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June May , Guide to Aquamarine by Steve Moriarty.

aquamarine or blue topaz how can you tell??






Blue Topaz vs Aquamarine





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