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bob and doug mckenzie take off

The Great White North is a Canadian comedy album by the fictional television characters Bob Bob and Doug McKenzie chronology The song "Take Off" ( identified on the album as "the hit single section"), featured guest vocalist Geddy Lee.

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Testo Take Off powered by Musixmatch. Take Off testo. Spoken : This is where the DJ talks. Don't say anything, okay? Okay, eh? Sung : Cooo, loo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coo, coooo!

But these two rubes from the Great White North taught us all about the lovable stereotypical Canadian we never even knew. Played by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas, the McKenzie brothers loved hockey and bacon, they wore big puffy coats and earmuffs and they had half-baked ideas -- what Cheech and Chong did for stoner humor, Bob and Doug McKenzie did for Canadian buffoonery and knucklehead-ism. What started as an improvised time-filler on a sketch comedy show struck a chord with viewers all over North America, and at the height of their popularity the duo was seen on TV and in the movies, and had a Grammy-nominated album. And everyone was telling each other to "Take off, you hoser. Here are some strange brewed facts you might not remember about Bob and Doug McKenzie and their hilarious satire of all things Canadian, eh? Source: nationalpost.

There's one serious problem, though. It's not very funny as a whole. The shtick is that the McKenzie brothers are lazy, beer-swilling dimwits who focus on Canadian culture and rely heavily on slang interjections and put-downs like "take off," "beauty, eh? The first is the catchy novelty hit "Take Off," which features Rush's Geddy Lee singing on the chorus. The edited single eliminated the playful banter among Lee and the McKenzie brothers before and after the song portion. Lee's supposed reason for participating?

Take Off Lyrics: Okay, uh, be real nice to him, eh / (Okay, eh) / Okay, this is, uh, the hit single section of Hi, Geddy, I'm Bob McKenzie, this is my brother Doug.
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TORONTO — A star-studded cast of comics is gathering together next month to help raise money for a Bracebridge man who was paralyzed in a snowmobile accident this past winter. Story continues below. Community Jan 31, Brent Cooper is news editor for MuskokaRegion. He is a four-time OCNA award winner.

Articles Comments. March 12th, 12 Comments. In , Rush was riding high at least among Canadian bands. Click to listen to more Canadian one-hit wonders. Click to hear more TV show one-hit wonders.

Geddy Lee Looks Back on His Cameo on Bob & Doug McKenzie’s ‘Take Off’

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The title is a popular nickname for Canada; the nickname was used for the title of a Second City Television a. This album was released as a tie-in with SCTV at the height of the popularity of Bob and Doug, and a screenshot from the show was used on the album cover. At least one million copies of the album were sold in North America, , of these in Canada alone, which earned a triple-platinum certification from the Canadian Recording Industry Association. The Great White North entered the RPM Canadian album charts at 3 on 12 December [3] and rose to the 1 position the following week where it remained until 23 January The song "Take Off" identified on the album as "the hit single section" , featured guest vocalist Geddy Lee of Rush. Lee and Moranis had gone to grade school together. It was a hit, peaking at number 16 on the Billboard singles chart in March , higher than any of Rush's songs ever charted on the U.

Disco was dead, punk rock was waning, and no one genre dominated the music scene. To add to the constant flux in the top 40 sound, dozens of one-hit wonders appeared on the charts that year, seemingly more than in a usual year. One of the least likely one-hit wonders to chart that year was an act which came out of a recurring skit on a comedy show. Bob and Doug McKenzie, for the uninitiated, were not actually brothers in real life. And so, Mssrs.




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