Wynonna earp waverly and nicole

'Wynonna Earp's #WayHaught Is What LGBT Audiences Deserve From TV

wynonna earp waverly and nicole

WYNONNA EARP - A WayHaught Love Story - SYFY

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While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled. Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Lots of drinking to cope, brotp, and a sweet surprise thrown in the middle. Waverly figured she was going to have a pretty normal life in Purgatory. Marry, have kids, die.

Nicole is the girlfriend of Waverly Earp. When Nicole was six, in , she visited Purgatory with her traveling hippie parents. Her parents let her go to a music festival with her aunt and uncle in the woods. The festival was attacked by the Cult of Bulshar and became the only survivor after she slipped away before the attack and hid in a canoe. She was found by Officer Nedley who looked after her after the incident. For decades, the massacre was covered up by the BBD as a forest fire.

They are sweet, badass, loyal, and fierce ladies who love ladies, and they are the romantic center of this crazy, beautiful show about demons and family and occasionally pregnant superheroes. Everyone ships WayHaught, even people you wouldn't expect, like bad guys, potentially bad guys who are currently good guys, and even Nicole's estranged wife who randomly reappeared this season to cause some turmoil. I ship it. You ship it. Even if you never heard of WayHaught before this moment, you are now invested.

Nicole Haught is the current Sheriff of the Purgatory Police Department and an ally of the Black Badge Division. Nicole is the girlfriend of Waverly Earp.
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Waverly Dominique Provost-Chalkley , who reunited with her sister, split up with her long-time boyfriend, maybe, sort of married a skull, and went toe-to-toe with the Stone Witch in a matter of weeks, is now contending with her fair share of change, too. But perhaps the biggest change comes with her feelings for Officer Haught. Nicole Haught made it clear where her heart lies, but she also proved that when it comes to Waverly, shes patient and plenty willing to wait for her to work out her feelings in her own time. Their first big scene together in the episode comes outside of the police station. Then, naturally, they make out.

Waverly meets Nicole for the first time at Shorty's. Nicole expresses interest in Waverly immediately, however, Waverly insists she is interested in guys and has a boyfriend. Nicole says that she's been there and describes it as the worst, but still leaves her a card to call her. After Waverly gives her presentation to Wynonna and Dolls, Nicole walks in to report on unusual activity and makes another glance at Waverly before leaving. She later goes to Shorty's to console Waverly over the death of Shorty. Just then that Waverly's boyfriend, Champ Hardy, appears and makes things slightly awkward for Nicole.

31 "Wynonna Earp" Moments That Prove Waverly And Nicole Are The Best Couple On TV Right Now


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Wynonna Earp - Waverly and Nicole - S01E09 - Wayhaught

How Hot Was #WayHaught: Season 3, Episode 7



Wayhaught is the femslash ship between Waverly Earp and Nicole Haught from the Wynonna Earp fandom. KEEP THE HOME FIRES BURNING.
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