Jimmy fallon and blake shelton

Jimmy Fallon Canít Believe It When Blake Shelton Forgets One Of Gwen Stefaniís Biggest Hits

jimmy fallon and blake shelton

The Whisper Challenge with Blake Shelton


What does the future hold for Jimmy Fallon and Blake Shelton? The two stars decided to find out by visiting a palm reader on Tuesday's episode of The Tonight Show. The palm reader, Madame Fahrusha , started by reading Shelton's palm. However, Fahrusha also pointed out that the country singer's Jupiter finger was crooked and that his fickle finger was "shorter than average. In addition, she said Shelton's hand was a little "fleshy," which was a sign he was having too much to eat, too much to drink or too much sex.

As previously reported, Shelton returned to Fallon's show Tuesday as both the lead-off guest and musical guest. As previously reported, Shelton's girlfriend, former No Doubt frontwoman Gwen Stefani, told Fallon back in February how much the Tishomingo resident dislikes roller coasters. Of course, the late-night host had to drag Shelton onto his new theme park ride on Tuesday's episode. Shelton's deadpan lack of enthusiasm for the ride makes the prerecorded bit funny, but when the country star takes his spot on the couch, he admits that he thought the ride would make him throw up. Naturally, in the course of all this, they had to reference the popular bit in which Fallon introduced Shelton to sushi, which you can relive here. As the interview proceeds, there's plenty of good-natured ribbing between Shelton and Fallon, including the late-night host mocking the Oklahoman's mullet days, commenting that the country star "has a great face for radio" and turning his new hit "A Guy with a Girl" into a parody of No Doubt's "I'm Just a Girl. The comment was in keeping with his repeated musings during the show on how Fallon ever became famous.

In case you missed Blake Shelton on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon a few nights ago watch the video to see what you missed. Blake and Jimmy go.
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The country superstar had never eaten the delicacy before, and he wasn't exactly eager to broaden his horizons when his friend Jimmy Fallon insisted that he try it. Fallon and Shelton always have a hilarious banter when Shelton appears on the Tonight Show , with Fallon often making jokes about the singer's lack of sophistication. Right off the bat, he started needling his friend, telling him not to eat the hot towels and making fun of the way he said "rice wine. Shelton wasn't particularly a fan of sake, commenting that it tasted like "Easter egg coloring," but he was really uncomfortable when the first course of sushi arrived, noting, "That right there looks like a human tongue. However, he did get into some of the dishes; after a bite of one, he commented, "The texture is Play-doh, but I will say this to you right now, man to man: I like that. I like how that tasted.

Blake Shelton was skeptical that the TV show host is actually familiar with his newest album, so he called his bluff. Then Jimmy delivered. In , she had Brian Williams and half of the internet against her. Can you ever do more than break even when selling hot dogs, kimchi-flavored tacos, lobster rolls or ironically-shaped pretzels to the fickle masses? Redditor -Newfangled- crunched the numbers and created an interactive chart of the colleges with the best return on investment.


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Jimmy Fallon Lip Sync Battles With Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani on The Tonight Show




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