Winx club musa and riven

Musa and Riven

winx club musa and riven

Winx Club - Season 8 Sneak Peek - Riven is Back!

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As one of, if not, the most tumultuous relationship formed within the main cast, the pair naturally dealt with more than their fair share of issues, resulting in them having experienced the most breakups. As of the sixth season , the two seem to have broken up for good. Due to their own emotional hang ups, Musa and Riven have had difficulty understanding one another. Having first met in the Black Mud Swamp in the episode of the same name , Musa quickly developed a crush on him, initially drawn to the air of mystery she believed he held behind his tough exterior. To make matters worse for Musa, Riven began dating Darcy , which Musa finds out about when she unintentionally catches them having a private moment in the episode " Betrayed!

Welcome to our winx club games arcade. Here you can find a huge collection of the most entertaining and enjoyable Sirenix is the second transformation of Season 5. It is water related and the Winx looked for this ancient power to fight the villain Tritannus as their Believix powers were too weak underwater. Musa along with the other Winx, start their quest to earn the power of Sirenix.

Did you ever think that your one of your best friends in the whole world had the strongest power in the world when really it was you? Well that's what happened to a fairy at Alfea. She couldn't understand why she was the strongest fairy but accepted and trained hard. But when her relationship with her boyfriend is put to the test, she runs away and hopes to never be found. But when two enemies team up to turn her evil and try to take over the universe, can her friends and her boyfriend save her?

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Musa and Riven in Season 8?

Winx Club - Musa's love stories

Hey, fairies! One in particular? Number 4 in this playlist. I was also very scared at my first concert, but with a deep breath and a lot of determination, all worries were gone! I love you musa you are the best , '' I have some questions for you. Who is your best friend? What is your favorite moment at school?



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