Can you get a bachelors in 2 years

Begin Your Bachelor’s Degree at a Community College: 2 + 2 Agreements

can you get a bachelors in 2 years

“Could I finish my bachelor's degree in 2 years?”- It would be remarkable in the US if you have not completed any credits. You do use the term.


Many American students—and 90, international students—attend a community college for the first two years of university studies in the USA. With nearly 1, community colleges in the country, there are many benefits of this model in comparison to studying all four years at a university. Community colleges offer significantly lower tuition, smaller classes and strong student support. And oftentimes, they serve as pathways to prestigious four-year universities. One of the great strengths of American higher education is the ease with which students can transfer from one college or university to another. Students will attend a community college to complete lower division general education requirements and then transfer to a university. For example, students studying at Santa Monica College, a community college, have transferred to UCLA upon receiving their two-year transfer degree.

This has also reminded me about how I graduated with my undergraduate degrees over 4 years ago. For some reason, people don't believe that's true, and I was even recently asked to provide proof from a reader…. I know, I have a baby face! The main reason why I got so heavily into school was because I wanted to keep busy. I was a freshman in college when my father passed away. I took four days off from my full-time job after he passed but I quickly went back to keep my mind off of everything that was going on around me.

ECPI University students, however, do earn their degrees in less than half that time! That one simple statement though, oftentimes raises many questions, such as:. Our year round schedule means our students can graduate sooner with the same academic credentials as their traditional university peers! As such, we are held to the same standards as any 4 year state university! ECPI University students attend 5 week terms, usually taking 2 classes per term.

Could You Earn a Fast, Online Bachelor’s Degree in 12 Months?

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    4 days ago How to Get Your Bachelor's Degree in 2 Years. There are four primary ways to get your bachelor's degree faster: Bachelor degree completion.

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    How I Graduated From College In Years With 2 Degrees AND Saved $37,

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