Seven words you can t say on television george carlin

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seven words you can t say on television george carlin

The seven dirty words are seven English-language words that American comedian George Carlin first listed in in his monologue "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television".

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Some comedians have popular bits but only George Carlin creates comedy bits that get him arrested and bring about a Supreme Court ruling. The routine is centered around a list of seven words: shit; piss; fuck; cunt; cocksucker; motherfucker and tits, that Carlin says a person cannot say on television without facing legal consequences. He then proceeds to hilariously explain why he put each word on the list. He said the only reason society bans words is to get people in the habit of conforming and blindly following authority. Carlin points out that words are just sounds and we apply the extra meaning to them by deeming them too offensive to be said. Whereas Carlin was arrested for doing the routine back in the s, it is unlikely that someone would be arrested for saying the seven dirty words in modern times.

Four decades after George Carlin's legendary monologue, the law still can't decide how to handle publicly broadcast swearing. Now that that's out of the way, let's start from the beginning. On May 27, , George Carlin took to the stage for a show at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium to record his Class Clown album, which was scheduled to come out that fall. Carlin—a comedic champion of the counterculture with long hair, a thick beard, earrings, and a propensity for recreational drugs—was writing material that was going to upset some people. He didn't think much of what kind of influence a seven-minute routine on those seven words would have on the culture at large.

How George Carlin’s ‘Seven Words’ Changed Legal History

On May 27, , comedian George Carlin took the stage at the Santa Monica Civic Auditorium in Southern California for what would become a seminal moment in broadcast history. The bit was meant to highlight the absurdity of signaling a few words out of the roughly , in the English language that would somehow corrupt our souls by repeating them for public consumption, and Carlin effectively made his point with silly voices and simple logic., At the time, the words were considered highly inappropriate and unsuitable for broadcast on the public airwaves in the United States , whether radio or television.

The '7 Dirty Words' Turn 40, but They're Still Dirty




The Seven Words You Can Never Say On Tv Lyrics: I love words. I thank you for hearing my words / I want to tell you something about words that I think is.
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