Old diseases coming back 2018

Re-Emerging Diseases: Why Some Are Making a Comeback

old diseases coming back 2018

Dec 31, Several Victorian-era illnesses are coming back from the dead.

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It was not long ago that having something as simple as a common cold was a life-threatening condition. With the advancement of medicine and technology, many of these ailments were mostly eradicated around the world. Diseases such as polio, measles and smallpox, which previously affected all regions, now affect only a few, usually economically challenged, countries. However, with great knowledge comes inevitable counter-arguments. And usually this is a good thing. But not in the case of life-threatening diseases.

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The website for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention currently leads its homepage with information about measles, a disease considered eliminated in the U. Now, outbreaks have become such a concern that the New York City suburb of Rockland County just barred minors not vaccinated for measles from public places for 30 days, and Gov. Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency in Washington two months ago because of the disease. The highly contagious illness, whose early symptoms may include a high fever, cough, runny nose and red, watery eyes, is not the only old-time disease making an unwanted comeback. Mumps and pertussis whooping cough have been on the rise in recent years, and the previously devastating tuberculosis is still causing trouble, though not at the rate it once did. Measles is probably the No. Symptoms may take a week or two to appear, and shortly after that the patient may develop little white spots inside the mouth.

Apr 29, Despite these successes, some diseases appear to be making a comeback. One of the greatest public health achievements in history, vaccines are credited for the massive decline of potentially dangerous diseases like measles and polio. Measles isn't the only vaccine-preventable.
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In the past century or so, humans have fought—and won—their fair share of battles with disease. Vaccines defeated smallpox. Antibiotics conquered scarlet fever. And insecticide scaled back mosquito-borne illnesses. Despite these successes, some diseases appear to be making a comeback.

Vaccine-preventable diseases still exist throughout the world, even in the U. While you might not see some of these diseases every day, they are still common in other countries and could easily be brought into the U. If we stopped vaccinating, the relatively small number of cases we have in the U. Even if your family does not travel internationally, you and your family could come into contact with travelers anywhere in your community. The disease is brought into the United States by unvaccinated people who get infected in other countries many recent cases coming from Israel, Ukraine and the Philippines, where large measles outbreaks are occurring and then they further spread measles to U. The majority of people who got measles over the last few years in the U. The CDC reports there are 1, cases in 30 states so far in — mostly in communities where groups of people are unvaccinated.

The Black Death is back, and so are these other diseases you thought were gone

Infectious disease outbreaks currently being reported on by CDC. - Skip to content. However, in recent years, some of the deadly diseases that we thought were the stuff of history books are back with a vengeance in many parts of the world — and not just in developing countries.

How Measles Made a Comeback




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    Re-Emerging Diseases: Why Some Are Making a Comeback

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    Liz Meszaros, MDLinx | October 23, Both old and new diseases alike are causing current outbreaks in the United States. Of note, a recent outbreak linked to international travelers returning from Israel resulted in 17 cases in New .

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