Step 2 pool hard plastic

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step 2 pool hard plastic

Buy Step2 Play & Shade Pool | Kids Outdoor Pool with Umbrella & Water Toy the pool! It's solid, tough plastic, has little seats that can be a place to perch while .

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My mom had a daycare years ago and she had a Step 2 Big Splash Pool. Step2 has a smaller circular one in the design of a crab or turtle, but we already have a small circular plastic one which was the same size. I searched in every store we went in and the only ones I could find were the blow up ones or the big ones that are like 3 feet deep — too big. I would never pay that much! But here it is, when I bought it, the lady also had the slide that attaches to it which was a big plus. He spends hours in it. What kind of pool do you have for your little one?

Play & Shade Pool by Step2 is the perfect toddler pool for any backyard. a heavy pool full of water, even a smaller pool such as this one, is really hard on me. . The base of the Play & Shade Pool is Polyethylene (#4 plastic) and the.
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It features two molded-in seats and is designed to hold a 40" umbrella that nests nicely on the side of the pool, providing shade for your little ones during playtime. This play and shade pool includes three funnel cups and a fun spinning wheel that attaches easily to the umbrella post for added entertainment, while the molded-in designs at the bottom of the pool provide traction for little toddler feet. It is made of durable poly-plastic and can hold up to 12 gallons of water for a fun-filled splash or cooling dip. It has two molded seats for one or two children ages years old and can be easily set up within just a few minutes. We got this for our 13 month old daughter for Easter.

Play & Shade Pool™

It has been so hot and humid out the last couple of days that we finally took out the Step 2 Big Splash Center. - Add to cart.

STEP 2 Big Splash Center Swimming Pool & Slide Rare Hard to Find Discontinued #Step2. blue-plastic-garden-pool-with-slide-built-in Plastic.
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