When does the new grand theft auto come out

GTA 6 release date DELAY: Terrible news for fans awaiting Grand Theft Auto sequel

when does the new grand theft auto come out

GTA 6: all the news and speculation about the latest Grand Theft Auto. Does that mean we can soon expect the next game in the Grand launch, which means a new one is only a few years (or less) away. Check out our video below on GTA VI: predictions on characters, locations, story and GTA Online.

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The winds of change are blowing at Rockstar North HQ. Edinburgh Live reports that the firm has unceremoniously removed the enormous Red Dead Redemption 2 wall cladding from the front of its Holyrood offices, symbolically signalling the end of a relatively short-lived reign for the sprawling action game. Look I get it, this is hardly an official announcement, but think of it this way: with next-gen consoles on the horizon and no other major releases in the pipeline that we know of Rockstar is obviously cooking up a Grand Theft Auto 6 storm behind those walls. Removing the Red Dead poster might just be indicative of the fact that someone finally realised how goshdarn ugly that fresco was. Or, alternatively, Rockstar is preparing to put something in its place.

The short answer is: no one knows. Despite all kinds of rumours which you can read about below , there have been no official details about GTA 6 from the team at Rockstar Games — but that doesn't mean it might not drop at any minute. We know, that's hardly proof of anything. But what will replace it? It could well be another game, a redesign or maybe the team just want to let a bit more natural light in. How can we be so confident about Rockstar's next move? Grand Theft Auto 5 has been one of the most successful game releases in the world and even though we're still enjoying GTA Online, it's been nearly six years since launch, which means a new one is only a few years or less away.

Plenty of leaks as well as common sense have revealed it's in the works, with the latest scuttlebutt pointing towards a return to the Miami-inspired Vice City for GTA6. Best guess at the moment, based on all the information we have and some educated guesses suggest Autumn is the earliest we're likely to see it. Now that the stellar Red Dead Redemption 2 is out the door, Rockstar's studios are clearly working flat-out on the next Grand Theft Auto game. While some staff will be continuing to work on Red Dead Online and quite are few are still updating GTA Online , Rockstar is also staffing up across the world for a new project. The problem is that it takes years to build a game as expansive as Grand Theft Auto, and GTA 6 is likely to be the biggest yet. A rough five-year timeline means that we might have expected to see GTA 5 in , but the sheer scale of Red Dead Redemption 2 meant that was never going to happen.

So, here are some predictions about the next Grand Theft Auto game! With that in mind, the most optimistic release date for GTA 6 would be late However, we highly doubt that we will see a GTA 6 before , maybe not even before As such, we should expect them to start the hype train at least two years in advance, as was the case with GTA V. Now, since we are extremely unlikely to see GTA 6 in this decade, that also raises the question: which consoles will it be available on? Both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One are nearing the end of their life-span, and their successors are right around the corner. Of course, a PC release will definitely happen, considering that each GTA game was released for Windows and that the series has a large fanbase on the PC.

When is GTA 6 coming out? Rumors, release date, story and more for the next Grand Theft Auto game

The name of the series references the term "grand theft auto", used in the U. Most games in the series are set in fictional locales modelled on cities, usually either Liberty City, Vice City or San Andreas, which are stand-ins for New York City, Miami and the state of California, respectively.

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