Does mint cool things down

does mint actually cool things down

does mint cool things down

Mint, known for its cooling effect, DOES NOT lower temperatures, it is just a sensation. The data from my experiment did not support my.


Mint is a flowering herb , and there are many different kinds of mint. It grows in cool and moist areas where there is shade. Many people enjoy the light, fresh taste of mint. Mint-flavored gum, breath fresheners, and hard candies often advertise that mint has a cooling effect, and use images of frost and ice to demonstrate this sensation. But is this sensation a result of the mint actually lowering temperatures? Not an Education.

If mint actually works as a cooling agent, then it will help us cool hot water, because its not just a sensation. Our data results show that our hypothesis was correct. Our results indicate that temperatures decreased; hence some mint does help lower tempetratures. The products cooled the water immediately. Both Lifesavers and Mentos cooled the water quickest, at 78 degrees in 20 minutes. Therefore, if you're looking to buy a mint product that not only tastes good, but cools your mouth immediately then you should buy either Lifesavers or Mentos.

Summary : Mint is an herb that is known for creating a light, cooling effect when used in gum, hard candy, breath fresheners and in teas. This experiment is designed to measure any cooling effect that mint has in liquids. Looking for a kit with everything you need to complete this experiment? Click Here! Scientific Thermometer.

Our observations were that the minty water lowed more when we add This is one of my favorite experiments because its a cool explosion!!!.
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Grow in cool, moist and shade areas My Hypothesis: I dont think a Mentos Candy can make any changes in water temperature. Record temperature. Add 5 mints to the hot water and take temperature. Was there any change? Add 5 more mints at a time and take note if there is any changes.

does mint cool things down?

Reader Lisa from Anderson, California, wrote in with a question: "Chew a piece of mint gum and then drink something. - We think you have liked this presentation. If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends in any social system.

Does Mint Actually Cool Things Down?

Rachel Kramer. A Real Cool Down? Or Just A Sensation? Does it actually cool your mouth or is it just a sensation? So does mint cool warm water? Time is how long something takes.

Statement of the Problem Does mint, known for its cooling effect, really lower temperatures, or is it just a sensation?.
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    We think you have liked this presentation.

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    This science fair project idea explores whether mint, known for its acooling sensationa really does lower temperatures.

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