Ice skating tips for beginners

Ice Skating for Beginners: 5 Essential Tips

ice skating tips for beginners

Before you step onto the ice, either with keen fearlessness or with nervous trepidation, check out these quick tips for ice skating beginners.


If you think about skating for beginners, particularly if you are one, it's actually kind of stressful. I mean, it's pretty natural to strap on a pair of ice skates and immediately panic. How is anyone supposed to stay upright on what is essentially a giant frozen puddle while balancing atop two pieces of metal as thick as dinner knives? Luckily, we have a few basic ice-skating tricks to make you a more confident skater, whether you're just learning how to ice skate or advanced enough to try a basic jump. Whether it's because you're trying something new or mistimed your leap-frog over the zamboni, you're going to eventually fall on the ice.

Share photos of adventure activities you engaged in! Ice skating enthusiasts use skates with steel blades to slide on the ice. The first ice skates were made in BC. Honed animal bone was used in making these skates, and it was attached to the shoes with leather straps. In fact, the origin of the word 'skates' is Dutch. They used to call it 'schaats', which means 'leg bone'. Iron blades were first made and used in Holland, in AD.

While skating on the ice seems intimidating, with the right equipment and a little patience, you can learn how to skate. Select the right material to make sure you'll be safe on the ice. Learn a few basic moves. Work on your technique. If you're dedicated to learning to figure skate, take classes.

Ice Skating Tips and Techniques

Going for a spin at a local ice rink is a quintessential winter activity. Cue the steaming mugs of hot cocoa.


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