Weather forecast for northern ireland for next 2 weeks

Dublin, Ireland 10 Day Weather

weather forecast for northern ireland for next 2 weeks

7 day, 14 day and 25 day weather forecasts for Northern Ireland. Accurate and updated regularly by Holiday Weather. The average temperature over the next 14 days in Northern Ireland from this forecast is . 3 hour forecast Mon 2 Sep.

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Dry for much of the country this morning except for a few showers in the west and north. The showers will become more widespread across the country this afternoon and evening, some turning heavy and prolonged. Highest temperatures of 14 to 17 degrees in mostly moderate westerly winds but fresh along windward coasts. Showers will ease on Sunday night to leave much of the country dry with variable amounts of cloud. Later in the night a little patchy rain will develop in the northwest. Minimum temperatures of 9 to 12 degrees in moderate southwest breezes. Tomorrow will be a generally cloudy and breezy day with scattered outbreaks of rain.

Indeed, the rain will likely become heavy at times. Through the early hours, winds will drop,with drier conditions edging into the districts in the far west.
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This website uses cookies. Read about how we use cookies. Issued: Sunday 1st September Duty forecaster: Dr. Simon Keeling. A mixed week with rain and showers but some drier days too A mixed week of weather ahead. Fronts will be passing from west to east bringing cloud and rain at times, most in the north and west.

What have the weather forecasters been saying about the temp and the rain over the next two weeks or so? This is mostly from Cork around the SW and west up to Donegal town. The next 2 hours is a lottery. If you don't like the weather in Ireland , wait 10 minutes, it'll change. I started checking online at 3 different weather forecasting sites about 3 weeks ago for the weather coming up this weekend. On a daily basis by area it has changed from sunny to cloudy to rainy to sunny to cloudy to rainy. I'm going to check on Saturday for Sunday's forecast.

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    Today Liverpool Airport was forced to close for an hour this morning due to "adverse weather conditions".

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