Corned beef puerto rican style

Puerto Rican Style Corned Beef

corned beef puerto rican style

Puerto Rican Corn Beef (English Version)

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Now lets get the the corned beef. Open the can using the little contraption. In the same pan we cooked the potatoes we will season the corned beef. Set the heat to medium and add the sofrito and the garlic powder. As soon as the corned beef has been mixed in with the tomato sauce add the potatoes.

Quick and easy, this flavorful Puerto Rican corned beef hash with potatoes and corn recipe is perfect for an easy weeknight meal!.
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SparkRecipes is powered by Trackers Articles Community. Nutritional Info. Minutes to Cook: In a 10 inch skillet that has a lid, heat olive oil. Add onion and bell pepper.

Corned Beef With A Touch of Puerto Rico

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Easy, delicious and healthy Puerto Rican Style Corned Beef recipe from SparkRecipes. See our top-rated recipes for Puerto Rican Style Corned Beef.
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    This delicious and satisfying Puerto Rican stew with corned beef, corn, and Southern Style Beef Stew Recipe - This is how my mother in law makes beef stew .

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