Stevie ray vaughan sound check

Rare Stevie Ray Vaughan Soundcheck Footage

stevie ray vaughan sound check

Aug 8, It's annoyingly insane how incredible SRV could be at the drop of a hator Vaughan Wakes Up and Warms Up: Incredible Soundcheck.

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Fender Stratocaster Guitar Forum. Messages: 5, I haven't ever seen this clip before and didn't see that it's been posted here yet , so I figured many here would appreciate it: Especially cool since he's in a studio, and unusual since you rarely see SRV without the hat! Guy Named Sue , Guitarmaan , Yves and 16 others like this. Messages: 4, Wow, thanks for posting. Have never seen that clip before.

Log in or Sign up. Steve Hoffman Music Forums. Newly posted video of Stevie Ray Vaughan's studio soundcheck. Location: Toronto. Pretty damn cool Strat-Mangler , Jul 31, Location: England.

I still love the sound of a strat but if it gets too srv feeling I'll adjust my tone I was hoping this was Steamy Ray Vaughn, you know, the guy that.
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The quality of these videos is pretty good considering they were made 25 years ago. These are amazing quality thanks for posting. I get chills watching. Little Stevie, we have not forgotten. Memories are starting to fade,, but I can still see it. Thanks for sharing.


Stevie Ray Vaughan Gave The Coolest Sound Check Ever

Stevie Ray Vaughan - Willie the Wimp ''Rare soundcheck''

Les videos de Stevie Ray Vaughan








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