Alternative careers for dental assistants

5 Alternative Career Paths for Adventurous Dental Assistants

alternative careers for dental assistants

Dental Assistant Career Overview

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As a dental assistant, you have so many options to grow professionally and expand your career. Once you have that covered, there are two main types of dental assistant career paths you can follow: broadening your role chairside, or shifting your focus in the dental field. If you love patients, helping people, and promoting wellness, working chairside might be a good path for you. If your goals take you away from chairside, there are still a lot of career growth opportunities within the dental field. You can move within your office, or help others with their career goals by becoming an educator, thought leader, consultant or speaker.

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Dental assisting jobs allow dentists to focus more on patient health, while those in assisting positions take care of administrative and technical duties. Because of this, every successful dentist needs great assistants in order to thrive. Typically, someone in a dental assisting role takes care of the following:. Should you choose a dental technician career, you will not have the same administrative duties as hygienists or assistants; instead, your duties will revolve around crafting dentures, crowns and other dental prosthetics for patients. The certification needed to practice dental assisting varies by job title, and it sometimes varies by state, also. On top of this, you must also pass three exams to become a CDT.

These Are The 10 Most Exciting Jobs For Former Dental Assistants

Buddy in Brampton, Ontario. I've been a Dental Hygienist for 20 years and believe I have just burned out. - There are many educational opportunties available for furthering your career.

Where Can You Work in a Dental Assistant Career?

Dental assistants help dentists examine and treat patients, and perform some administrative tasks. NOC Code: You may work for a dentist's office, or with a government or educational institution. You may also be called a certified dental assistant, certified intra-oral dental assistant, registered dental assistant, dental clinical assistant or preventative dental assistant. Source: Government of Canada. You need to communicate in person and in writing with patients and co-workers. You also need to take notes, check patient charts and other forms for accuracy, and follow written product directions.

Most dental assistants are content to work their entire career in private practices. But for those assistants who want to travel off the beaten path, the profession offers out-of-the-ordinary career opportunities, too. But dental assistants with the right skills and attitudes may find some of these alternative career options can provide them with rewarding, enriching experiences. Dental assistants who work in public health provide services to underserved and marginalized populations in the community. In addition to assisting dentists, dental assistants in public health careers educate individuals about proper oral healthcare.

Dental Assistant Career in the Spotlight

What Can You Do With a Dental Assistant Diploma?

Oral hygiene and dental health are crucial. A white, healthy smile can make patients look younger and can boost confidence. In addition, oral health can promote overall health. Patients who have trouble with gum disease or dental issues are at risk of developing life-threatening infections or other health problems, including heart disease and complications with diabetes. Dental hygienists help patients prevent cavities and take care of their teeth properly.





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