Is it better to keep a fridge full or empty

What's more energy efficient? a full fridge or an empty fridge?

is it better to keep a fridge full or empty

If the refrigerator could keep the temperature absolutely constant at all . In this sense, the empty refrigerator might take slightly more energy to.

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Freezing food is an essential, easy kitchen function but it's not quite foolproof. Next time you think "Oh, I'll just toss this in the freezer," remember these missteps. Setting the temperature too high. Zero degrees or even lower is the best temp for long-term frozen food storage, so set your freezer as low as it will go. And if you find that your ice cream gets too hard to scoop, store it on the door where the temperature will be the highest. Keeping the freezer nearly empty.

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Started by neilep Board Technology. Started by myriam Board Geek Speak. Started by Soni Board General Science. Science News Features. Interviews Answers to Science Questions. Is a fridge most efficient empty and a freezer best kept full?

If you leave the door open a very long time the refrigerator will run full-speed all the time. Your empty-jug idea would work well both for normal use and for the rare case of doors being open for a long time. The heat capacity will scarcely be affected by the foam peanuts, since they're mostly air. They will slow down heat exchange with the outside, which could marginally reduce enrgy use if the refrigerator is opened often. Follow-up on this answer.

Is A Full or Empty Refrigerator More Energy Efficient?

Still not able to find what you are looking for? Why not try our advanced search. Natural Gas is often branded as a necessary transition fuel; a cleaner alternative to coal and oil.

Is a fridge most efficient empty and a freezer best kept full?

By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service. Physics Stack Exchange is a question and answer site for active researchers, academics and students of physics. It only takes a minute to sign up. Given that everything else is equal model of fridge, temperature settings, external temperature, altitude , over a given duration of having the door closed, does it require more electricity to cool an empty refrigerator AND maintain that temperature, than a full one? In real-world cases there can be a difference though. The difference depends on when the refrigerator decides to cycle on and cool. If the fridge cycles on a timer or based on heat energy then there will be a difference due to the added heat capacity.




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