Sword art online episode 4

Ep 4 Sword Art Online

sword art online episode 4

The Black Swordsman (????, Kuro no Kenshi?) is the fourth episode of the Sword Art Online anime adaptation, as well as the fourth episode in the Aincrad Arc. The shocked Silica was then nearly killed by the apes, but was saved by Kirito who had come across her by chance.

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Enlarge Image. The series has received two TV anime adaptations so far, airing for over 4 cours. However, this particular story originally appeared in the second volume of the novel, which is a collection of short stories set before or around the same time as the events of the first volume. In the anime, the events are in chronological order. Episode 4 of the anime starts with Silica and Rosalia quarreling in a forest. By having this quarrel before the opening song, it successfully drags viewers into the story.

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February 23, Silica, a young beast-tamer player, gets into an argument with her party's leader, Rosalia. She defiantly decides to leave the party and return to town by herself. Unfortunately, she soon finds herself lost in a forest and accosted by high-level monsters with no healing items to save herself. Her tamed dragon, Pina, takes a deadly blow for Silica and dies, leaving Silica broken-hearted and at the monsters' mercy. Thankfully, she is rescued by a player cloaked in black: Kirito.

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