Good characteristics of a person

Rohn: 6 Essential Traits of Good Character

good characteristics of a person

How To Improve Your Personality - 9 Personality Enhancing Tips

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List of the most desirable personality traits in women and men. Wondering how to be successful, how to be charming, and how to become popular? This crowdsourced list contains the best characteristics that people can have, as agreed upon by a community of voters who have ranked the list. These good character traits are what women really want and what men like; they are what people strive to be and what others look for in a mate. The best qualities in a person will vary, based on the person assessing or being assessed, but there's no denying there are certain qualities to look for in a person that are common across the board.

Before you can define who you are, you have to first understand some examples of personality traits. These can be determined by our actions, attitudes and behaviors. To help you discover your own personal traits ask yourself the following questions:. By popping open your journal and recording the answers to these questions, you can use the information to discover your true personality. Let's dive a little bit deeper. Here is a list of positive adjectives that can help you describe personality traits:.

Character traits are valued aspects of a person's behavior. Everyone has character traits, both good and bad, including our favorite fictional characters. Character traits are often labeled with descriptive adjectives such as patient , unfaithful , or jealous. Often, someone's character and personality are intertwined. But, believe it or not, the two are quite distinct.

When a person possesses good character it can be observed through their actions. It's not limited to a single value but the traits are demonstrated in the “ good”.
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The following are what I believe to be the basics of good character. Related: Rohn: How to Build Character. Integrity is a good catchword that is similar to character but provides us with a different way of looking at the ideas of character. There is integrity and wholeness to your life. Living this way will build trust in your followers. Another use of the word integrity that provides insight for us is when the word is used in regard to a physical structure.

His affections were tender and warm. His whole nature was simple and sincere — he was pure, and then was himself. If you haven't guessed yet, these good traits were written about the character of the sixteenth President of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. President Lincoln was a role model for integrity and honesty. He offers us so many examples of good character traits. These good qualities stayed with Lincoln throughout the trials and tribulations of leading a country during one of the worst periods of its history. Of course, Lincoln was president during the 19th century when the character of a person was a highly-regarded quality.

Examples of Personality Traits

Character Trait Examples

Which positive character traits do you want to develop? Positive character traits are those things that draw us to other people. When someone is generous, kind, energetic, or optimistic they exude energy that attracts others. Now, when we turn the mirror back on ourselves, many times we notice not-so-positive character traits…things like jealousy, selfishness, immaturity, or greed. These can all be changed. If you are not getting the results you want in life, the first place to look is at how you are interacting with the world. Positive character traits can be developed in ourselves.


20 Good Character Traits Essential For Happiness





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