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Note to all sports coaches: The term "lighting a fire under your team" is not meant to be taken literally. Unfortunately for a high school baseball coach in Utah, he apparently did not get that memo. Steve Ross, the head coach of Clearfield High School's varsity baseball team, has been placed on administrative leave after allegedly pouring 15 to 20 gallons of unleaded gasoline on the team's home field. Ross ill-advised gas dump was apparently an attempt to dry out the wet field. During a game in late March, a parent noted that the field smelled like gas, and a formal complaint was filed. While Ross is stuck at home facing the consequences of his extremely poor decision making, the field is being dug up by, as the Davis County Health Department examines exactly how much damage the gasoline has done.

Select trips do not make stops at all stations.
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No marching is required. Alumni are also welcome in the stands during the game to play more songs with the band If you are interested in purchasing a Make-A-Wish shirt please use the order form below! To register a child for the elementary school grades K-6 click the link below! Attention parents of 9th graders Every 9th grade student attending classes at the High School receives a school laptop to use for the duration of their high school education. Kindergarten Information Day is August 19th at 6 PM, parents should be receiving a letter in the mail with more information attached.

Utah High school baseball coach placed on administrative leave after soaking field with gasoline


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All of which result in maximizing their potential throughout life. In order for students to be fully prepared for its rigorous high school curriculum, the school will admit students beginning in seventh grade in order to build and strengthen necessary academic skills. We will also engage the family and community in supporting this culture both on campus and off. An important part of program implementation is the hiring and development of our professional staff. We recognize that many of the finest teachers may not have a military background, which will first entail a strong exposure and then complete adoption of culture among staff. It is from the demonstrated leadership of our staff that culture will be shared with cadets, family, and community. A free public charter school in Ogden, Utah.









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