Better call saul intro song

better call saul intro song

Better Call Saul (Intro Theme Song), an album by T.V Themes, Sound Track, TV Theme Song Library on Spotify.

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Did you get a look at any of the opening title sequences beforehand? A: I spoke directly to [the music supervisor] Thomas Golubic who said they wanted a piece of music that would be cut abruptly at 15 seconds. I knew it would be abrupt and not necessarily cut rhythmically in time. That was part of the brief I had when working on it. I was shown a possible short clip of the opening title and they ended up using different ones [for each episode]. We knew it would be a harsh setting and something short with a lot of impact. A: It was a surprise and it was interesting because I had never done anything like this before.

Better Call Saul Theme (Extended) Lyrics: If there's any thought / That I think of me / For a little support / At a town he'll need / It'll be a no / Not a Play This Song .
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Better Call Saul (Intro Theme Song) Lyrics



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    in which someone likely one of Breaking Bad's many obsessives looped Better Call Saul's second theme song for 10 hours straight.

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    Season 3 begins tonight.

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