Who doesnt get paid if the government shuts down

Here's who the partial government shutdown affects

who doesnt get paid if the government shuts down

Government shutdowns hurt poor families and low-paid workers would be “ proud” to shut down the federal government if Congress doesn't.

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President Donald Trump has put a government shutdown back on the table, once again demanding billions of dollars of funding for a border wall as part of spending bill Congress needs to pass by midnight Friday to keep the government open. If the spending bill doesn't include funding for a wall, Trump has said he won't sign it -- a change in course from earlier this week, when he backed away from the demand. The Senate reconvenes at noon on Friday but the timing on any vote on the House-passed measure, or another spending bill, was unclear and the fate uncertain. If a government shutdown happens, it would look different from previous ones, mostly because Congress has already funded about 75 percent of the federal government. As a result, only a fraction of federal agencies would close after funding runs out at the end of the week, and even in those offices, essential employees would still be required to report to work. Even a partial government shutdown could impact hundreds of thousands of federal employees — with workers facing furloughs and unpaid labor — depending on how much of the bureaucracy Congress agrees to fund in the next nine days.

The US government has experienced several shutdowns in recent memory, the most recent of which was in , and extending into early How would a government shutdown affect the average American, and just as importantly, what would it mean for our men and women in uniform? These are great questions. A government shutdown impacts a large segment of our population, including federal government employees and military members. The answers to these questions vary, depending on several situations. Essentially, this is their budget — without it, the government ceases many operations and as a result, many government agencies will stop work and many will stop paying employees.

The fiscal year began on Oct. Lawmakers have until midnight on Feb. Before the current funding measure was enacted, the federal government had been partially shut down for 35 days, the longest shutdown in history.
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This is actually the third government shutdown this year; the government shut down for three days in January during a stalemate between Republicans and Democrats over the future of Dreamers, young undocumented immigrants brought to the U. The government also shut down for almost nine hours while it was technically out of money in February. But this is by far the longest shutdown of Earlier this week, an estimated , employees reported to work without getting paid, and many of them had to cancel their holiday plans to do it because of rules that cancel annual leave for "essential" employees in the event of a shutdown. If the shutdown continues, more than , will still be working without pay on New Year's Eve this Monday. Overall, nine federal departments and dozens of smaller agencies have been shuttered.


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What happens during a government shut down and who is impacted?





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    As the partial government shutdown continues into its third week, the total cost keeps mounting.

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    What happens during a government shut down and who is impacted?

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