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California Institute of Technology The California Institute of Technology locally referred to as "Caltech" is a relatively small and specialized private reserach university and technology institute in Pasadena, California. As of , Caltech had a annual enrollment of 2, students, with roughly half of those graduate students and the other half undergraduate students. Curriculum at Caltech emphasizes the technical arts and applied sciences. Caltech comprises six academic colleges that focus instruction on the applied sciences and engineering. First year students at Caltech are required to live in on-campus housing but most undergraduates remain on campus throughout the duration of their undergraduate degree program. Although Caltech has a strong honor code that most students abide by, the institution is known for its tradition of good natured pranks and practical jokes.

Caltech offers students a robust yet challenging learning and research environment that promotes communication, collaboration, exploration, teamwork, integrity, personal growth, and respect for others. Here students benefit from having access to world-leading faculty, breakthrough research, and small classes, as well as exposure to all areas of basic science, a broad range of interdisciplinary studies, and experiential learning opportunities that can take them around the globe. At Caltech, learning happens everywhere—in the classroom, in the laboratory, over a meal, or in a late-night study group. Early on, our undergraduates build respect and appreciation for learning from one another, for creative problem solving, and for applying a broad understanding of the basic sciences to a variety of fields. You'll start your Caltech education with our core curriculum to ensure that you have a strong base in mathematics and the natural sciences.

California Institute of Technology

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Caltech is dedicated to providing top tier instruction in the technical arts and applied sciences. The Institute is comprised of six academic divisions, with a strong emphasis placed on engineering and science. Caltech is one of the most highly respected schools in the world. Among Caltech's faculty and alumni are 32 Nobel Prize winners. One of these winners, Linus Pauling, is the only person in history to win two unshared prizes. Student are expected to live in accordance with the school's honor code, and many exams can be taken home. Additionally, U.




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    California Institute of Technology - Wikipedia

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    Much learning is done through the homework sets, on which students are encouraged to collaborate.

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    The California Institute of Technology Caltech [7] is a private doctorate-granting research university in Pasadena , California.

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