Amy schumer saturday night live

‘Saturday Night Live’ Review: Amy Schumer Pays Tribute to Mothers While Delivering Fun Weirdness

amy schumer saturday night live

Amy Schumer (born June 1, ) hosted the October 10, and May 12, episodes of Saturday Night Live. She is known for her show Inside Amy.

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Comedian Amy Schumer made her return to the Saturday Night Live stage this week for the first time since her hosting debut in October Ah, remember October ? The result? It was a fun premise of sweet moms delivering common complaints, albeit at times uncomfortable to watch non-actors struggle to land jokes while reading cue cards on live TV. SNL often lets comics go longer in their monologues than an actor there to plug their latest blockbuster. If not, eight minutes can feel like an eternity.

Sign in. For his latest role in Don't Let Go David Oyelowo goes to a dark place and embraces fear in the latest Blumhouse film. Watch now. Amy Schumer makes her hosting debut alongside The Weeknd, who serves as musical guest for the first time. Written by anonymous.

She also got married recently, sat for a revealing Oprah interview, and generally enjoyed the benefits of celebrity — e. Amy Schumer sits this one out, prepping the monologue, maybe? This game show features three mother-child teams competing for a cash prize by answering questions about one another. While the sketch hints at a creepazoid crescendo to come, something a viewer both fears and anticipates, it never quite gets there. At another point, she cries wondering if she is pooping.

Only two episodes left in this season. Not familiar with Schumer? But yes, her first and continual love is her stand up. And you can check out her style, because she gave the SNL audience a little taste the last time she hosted:. The last time Schumer hosted the show was October Almost three years later, this sketch is still heartbreakingly relevant.

Amy Schumer

Baby Shower - SNL

SNL: Amy Schumer Returns to Host

Posted on Sunday, May 13th, by Ethan Anderton. In fact, the episode as a whole pretty much steered clear of politics entirely. As for Amy Schumer , in her second time hosting the comedian was extremely comfortable. There were still some big laughs to be had, especially when Melissa McCarthy showed up for a surprise cameo. The Day You Were Born — Every mother has that wonderful story they tell their young ids about how magical it was on the day they were born. But more than likely, the real story was nothing like that.

For contrast, see her tampon and period material phrasing , which might be standard fare, but which Schumer enlivened with energy and gleeful bluntness. In the sketches, as was the case last time she hosted , Schumer gamely but nondescriptly labored to bring something to some indifferently written material. So the episode resolutely wheeled out a predictably dull game show sketch right out of the gate. Jost and Che were reliable, if not uproarious, tonight. Maybe it was that mom sensibility, or the fact that Donald Trump had a notable accomplishment to point to this week in the release of three Americans from North Korea, but the Update duo were less sharp than usual. Heidi Gardner brought back her teen YouTube movie reviewer Bailey, to fine effect.

Baby Shower - SNL

Amy Schumer delivers a Saturday Night Live monologue fit for Mother’s Day




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