How to detach audio in imovie

“Detaching Audio” in IMovie

how to detach audio in imovie

The timeline in iMovie is where you arrange all of your audio clips, You can detach the audio from a video clip so that you can remove the.


This tutorial demonstrates how to separate the audio from one video clip and add it to another, separate video clip as a voiceover or background audio. The video below demonstrates the use of this technique. The video clip of me talking was recorded as a single file and I later detached a portion of the audio to play as bakground audio for when the animated maps are playing. Please see the step-by-step tutorial below this video. The other clips in this project are a title screen that is directly to the left of the video clip that shows me and three map animations at the end of the project.

The timeline in iMovie is where you arrange all of your audio clips, such as background music and special effects. Audio clips always appear beneath video clips in the timeline. You can move an entire audio clip, except the background music, to a different place in your project. With your project open, touch and hold the blue or purple audio clip in the timeline until it pops off the timeline. With your project open in the timeline, tap the audio clip in blue or purple or the background music clip in green you want to adjust.

Before fully jumping in, and especially prior to producing your video, check out some tips on how to best edit audio in iMovie. The screenshots and explanations below are for iMovie 10 only. However, you might be able to adapt what you see to make them work for older versions. You can see the sound in iMovie by looking at the waveforms on each clip. If the waveforms aren't visible, go to the View drop-down menu and select Show Waveforms.

Anthony Bouchard on June 16, I have a dash cam in my vehicle, and sometimes I want to be able to share what I see on the road without the person I share it with listening to my personal conversations with my passengers or listening to my jam on the radio. To get around this, I remove the audio from my video files so that people can see what I see, but not hear what I hear. Some other things I can think of include:. A Finder window will launch and let you select a video file from your Mac.

Audio Editing Tips for iMovie 10




How do I detach audio from a movie clip and add it to another clip in iMovie 09?







  1. Proptiwisni1959 says:

    By default, iMovie imports audio and video from the same source into one clip. You can detach the audio from a video clip in a movie and attach.

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    One of the most common questions I get from fellow audio engineers isn't about audio recording, it's about video editing: namely, how to remove and replace an audio track when editing with Apple's iMovie suite.

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    iMovie for iOS (iPhone, iPod touch): Arrange audio clips

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    I want to add music to some silent files!

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