How long to roast beets

How to Roast Beets

how long to roast beets

Roasted Beets Recipe - How to Roast Beets


Roasted Beets are the perfect way to enjoy all of the earthy sweetness of this root vegetable without losing texture and flavor from boiling them. We love serving these as a side dish for pork tenderloin or a simple meatloaf! This roasted beets recipe is quick and easy, no peeling required and the results are full of flavor! Instead of struggling with peeling and slicing to get them into the pot, go easy on yourself and make oven roasted beets. No peeling, no slicing and all of the flavor!

Here's a step-by-step guide for roasting perfectly tender beets. oven to cook alongside braises, bread, or whatever else we might be cooking.
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I feel like a bad food blogger admitting that I refused to give beets a try until about four or five years ago. For whatever reason, I would always give them the side eye and question how on earth they could possibly taste good. After a lot of persuasion by my husband, I finally relented and agreed to try a salad with beets at a local restaurant. And of course I loved them. These days I buy beets on a regular basis and roast them on the weekends to have on hand for meals during the week.

These E asy Roasted Beets are made with just beets, salt, and oil. Beets always get a bad rap. If you ask me, roasting beets is the very best way to cook them. It makes them candy-sweet and the perfect side to really any meal. I do love beets, and if you ask me, roasting them is the absolute best way to cook them.

Vibrant, sweet, juicy and just gorgeous, beets come in many varieties from red, magenta to golden and even the fun candy-stripped Chioggia. Raw beets have a long storage life without their greens. Roasted beets are a delicious and nourishing accompaniment to salads, for a snack, included in hummus or smoothie or simply as a side to be enjoyed. Beet greens are a powerhouse of nutrition and can be deliciously included in smoothies, or salads and also included in stews, soups, lasagna or in pasta recipes. Save those greens and use them in recipes just like you would swiss chard or kale! Once I learned how to cook beets, I realized how simple it really is to enjoy these ruby-red roots with little fuss. How to Roast Beets : Roasting by definition, means to roast with direct dry heat.

Easy Roasted Beets


Ina Garten's Roasted Beets from Food Network are sweet, aromatic and slightly sharp from the raspberry vinegar and orange juice tossed in at the end.
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