How old is alec steele

This trade is no dodo - Alec Steele and the Blacksmith's Toolbox

how old is alec steele


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We wanted to get to know a little more about him, so we spoke to Alec about his current projects, his metalworking heroes and his love of PPE:. Q: How did you get into blacksmithing, Alec? A: It became a hobby of mine age 11, after seeing a blacksmith demonstration at a county fair. A: My million layer Damascus Katana! It took fourteen days to make and it taught me an enormous amount about blademaking and craftsmanship. A: My PPE.

This is Alec Steele 's basic pedigree chart. There are many additional tools for Alec's genealogy below. Brother of [private sister s - s ], Bob Steele , George Frederick Steele , Jack Steele , Kathleen Steele Breading , [private brother s - unknown ] and [private brother s - unknown ]. Father of [private son s - unknown ] and [private son s - unknown ]. Here is a collection of tools for genealogists with an interest in Alec's family history. If you are a genealogist login to see more tools and options below. Creating an account only takes a couple minutes.

Picture History Channel. Alec Steele will star in the first of five three minute short films called Forged in Britain which will be broadcast on the History Channel around the premiere of the series Forged in Fire. Log in Register. Toggle navigation. Ofsted Map Future Voices. What is Future50?

Britain's master blacksmiths revealed in Forged in Fire

MFP 051: Catching Fire with Alec Steele

The steel scale has piled up around the anvils and hammers and drifts are scattered down the central aisle. Alec is probably the most well known personality of blacksmithing today a reputation solidified through the millions of viewers of his youtube how-to videos which rack up over 3 million hours of viewing time per month. Mechanisation and mass production have made the town blacksmith redundant but, surprisingly, the craft still draws a curious crowd. Blacksmithing today has morphed into something else a challenging and consuming past-time. Guys and gals have come far and wide to learn these somewhat peculiar human powered tool-making techniques and will dedicate 4 days to learning these skills. For a blacksmith the challenge is not only to manipulate steel, but to be able to create the tool for the job; to make your own tools means you can be much more proactive in what you produce.

I have a huge love of forging, making videos and entrepreneurship. This website is the conglomeration of these 3 passions. Let me tell you a bit about myself! I made every penny of that count, investing in more tools for the shop! Some you see in use today in my YouTube channel. My passion for blacksmithing was set a flame at the age of 11, when, on a muddy and rainy July day I watched in awe as the local blacksmith hammered at yellow hot steel, making a stunning leaf pendant at a county show.

By Alex Matthews For Mailonline. A rare insight into the ancient profession of blacksmithing has been revealed as the skilled craftsmen open up their forgotten forges.



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    At just 19 years old, full-time blacksmith Alec Steele is part of the British team aiming to galvanise the all so traditional industry.

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