How to live like a celebrity on a budget

Live like a celebrity…for a fraction of the cost

how to live like a celebrity on a budget

Here are tips live like a celebrity without spending money like one.

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We all want to live like a celebrity. Heck, I get the pull. It is a very appealing lifestyle. I travel, own a beautiful home, have a growing net worth, and feel completely content. In short, I live like a celebrity for a fraction of the cost and here is how you can too! Before you are rolling in the dough and after you really need to decide what are the most important values in your life.

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Do you aspire to live like a Real Housewife? Are you desperate to wear the latest trends, hang out in the hottest bars and live like your favourite celebrity? If your budget is more no-go than J-LO, you may think your dreams of living the celeb life will never come true, but with these top tips you could be rubbing shoulders with the famous in no time. When you are living on a tight budget, it can seem that even getting your hair cut is a luxury. However, by placing your trust in apprentice hairdressers at top salons, you could walk out of there feeling like a million dollars. Scope your local high-end hairdressers for signs requesting hair models and you could grab hefty discounts on haircuts and colouring. Some apprentice sessions see you getting the nest must-have hairdo for free, so it is worth keeping your eyes open for salons requiring models.

When you think of celebrities and business tycoons, lavish lifestyles with private jets and yachts typically come to mind. That's why it's not surprising when you hear about a star facing bankruptcy after blowing through their millions. More from Student Loan Hero: How the debt snowball method helps you repay your loans Your questions answered: Should I consolidate my student loans? The best personal loan options. He drove a year-old Volvo, wore secondhand clothes, and flew coach. And he's not the only famous person who's budget-conscious. Ed Sheeran might be one of the most popular musicians in the world, but he still gives himself an allowance.


Once upon a time, I was living a very luxurious lifestyle. I had a successful career with a big salary, which meant that I had the financial means to basically travel anywhere I felt like, and I could purchase whatever clothing I wanted — all while living a luxe life in Chicago. After a health crisis rocked my existence, my entire lifestyle changed.

How to live like a celeb on a budget

It's super simple to think that famous people have a much different life than you. And the truth is that they absolutely do. They have more money, more resources, more opportunities, and, let's face it, they usually have a totally opposite lifestyle from you. It can be really fun to think about what your own life would be like if you were rich and famous. Sure, you get that your life is good and that you should be grateful for all your blessings. You love your job, your friends, your boyfriend, your family. But sometimes, you wonder what life in the fast lane would be like, and you can't help but wish that your every day life could be a little bit more interesting.

Everyone has been tightening their belts during our most recent economic slowdown. Some people have been forced to cut all luxuries out of their lives completely. It is possible, however, to live like a celebrity and retain a bit of luxury even when you're cutting corners and trying to save money. Here are tips to look, live, eat and drive like a celebrity without spending huge amounts of money. See also: Choosing a Luxury Eccentricity. It's possible to look like you spent a lot on your clothing when you actually didn't.

Who says being a star means being a big spender? Not these penny-pinching performers. Don't make assumptions when you see celebrities on the red carpet wearing designer gowns and dripping diamonds, or when you read about lavish Hollywood shopping sprees. The truth is that the stars often just borrow their red carpet fashions and accessories. And though some do love giving their credit cards a workout, other celebrities can be surprisingly tightfisted. Here are 10 performers who are known to pinch a penny or two — and might even inspire you to start saving more money. Tiffany Haddish may have skyrocketed to fame after her breakthrough role in Girls Trip , but the comedian is in no hurry to spend excessive amounts of cash.




These Frugal Celebrities Still Live on a Budget



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