How to remove a broken lightbulb from a light socket

How To: Remove a Broken Light Bulb

how to remove a broken lightbulb from a light socket

How to Remove a Broken Light Bulb Base from a Socket

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Most of us have had to deal with a broken light bulb at some point in time. If you haven't run into this problem, you'll likely experience it in the future. It's always a challenge, but the following tricks can make removing the base easier. These tools have a rubber tip to engage the base of the broken bulb and a plastic body with a threaded socket on the back end that allows them to be screwed onto an extension polehandy for hard-to-reach bulbs. Use it as it comes out of the package.

If a light bulb breaks off in the socket, don't risk cutting or electrocuting yourself. Use one of these simple methods to quickly and safely remove a broken bulb. Light bulbs break. It's a simple fact of life that isn't always possible to avoid. Fortunately, most newer bulbs come with a more substantial base that allows users to more easily remove the bulb from a socket, even when the glass breaks. However, if you haven't upgraded from the old incandescent- or halogen-style bulbs, removing the broken bulb from the socket can be tricky.

Broken light bulbs are tricky under any circumstances, but especially when you're trying to remove them from a stubborn socket. Rather than calling in for help, you can quite easily manage to remove the bulb on your own using a few different household items.
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I know there are other ways of getting this piece out but I wanted find a good use for a water bottle. The risk of getting shocked is pretty much non existant with a water bottle when compared to a potato or pliers. Have you ever tried to remove a light bulb and had it break in your hand. DON'T try to get the metal piece out with your hands or pliers. You could get shocked or cut! Here's an instructable on how to use an ordinary water bottle to extract that piece. Did you use this instructable in your classroom?

How to Change a Broken Light Bulb

For a lamp, simply unplug it., ONLY Our easy-to-use BulbFinder will let you find the correct bulb, step by step.

How to Remove a Broken Light bulb

Removing a broken light bulb requires multiple safety precautions, but with the right tools even a jammed bulb should come free without the need to call an electrician. If your light bulbs are always difficult to remove, read further for ways you can solve this problem. To remove a broken lightbulb from the socket, start by putting on gloves and safety glasses to protect yourself from shards of glass. Then, unplug the light fixture or turn off the power if the bulb is in a wall or ceiling fixture. Next, try to twist the metal base of the bulb counterclockwise to see if it comes out.


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