Stone moves indoor rock climbing

Houston's Finest Indoor Rock Climbing

stone moves indoor rock climbing

Timothy age 8 rock climbing at Stone Moves

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Private Lessons. Stone Moves offers private lessons that are tailored to the climbers' needs and desires. From climbing technique to climbing outside on your own, it is all possible. All you need to do is call the gym to set up your lesson. A certified instructor will be assigned to you and your lesson planning will begin.

Private Lessons. ClimBing For Kids. Kids are allowed to climb on all walls at Stone Moves and there are routes of all levels on all walls. There is no minimum age requirement. For a one time climbing experience, kids and adults will have the same rates found on our getting started page. Stone Moves has great structured activities for those wanting to get their kids climbing each week and off the couch.

Private Lessons. Stone Moves Indoor Climbing Gym is owned and operated by local rock climbers for local rock climbers. Our goal is to provide climbers in Houston, Texas with excellent climbing facilities, at a fair price, in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere. Our staff is the finest of any gym you will visit. Some staff members have extensive outdoor climbing experience and abilities.

Indoor rock climbing at Stone Moves in Houston, Texas is a great activity for individuals and families. Climbing is an affordable way to have fun and get in great.
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Private Lessons. Indoor rock climbing is a great activity for groups of all sizes and ages. While at the gym, your climbers will develop self-confidence in their physical skills and grow their mental toughness. Rock climbing encourages team work, trust, and develops communication skills in all participants. Our walls will challenge the strongest, most outgoing member of your group and still insure that no individual is left out of the fun. Group Rates.









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    The city's sprawling, flat terrain and distance from prime rock climbing destinations might make some think twice about how much climbing there is to do in the area.

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