No front license plate texas

Understanding Texas License Plate Laws

no front license plate texas

Texas Laws-US Millworks Front License Plate Bracket

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Texas is a two-plate state, which means drivers are supposed to have a license plate on the front and back of their vehicle. Not having a front license plate means an officer has probable cause the stop you at any time, and you may receive a citation for failure to display a license plate. However, if you drive anywhere in Texas, you will see a huge number of vehicles without front license plates - and they may pass right by an officer and not get stopped. Manufacturers of many vehicles don't even have pre-installed brackets and sometimes even a convenient spot for front license plates. Similarly, vehicles purchased in other states are unlikely to have front license plates. So, should you run out and get a front license plate if you don't have one? While the legal answer is "yes," the practical answer is "it depends.

Everything is bigger in Texas, right? That could apply to vast stretches of beautiful Texas landscape, steak dinners, and possibly even egos of politicians, depending on who you talk to. The Austin American-Statesman a long-running newspaper based in the state capitol of Austin recently spoke with a Texas politician named Ken King, who proposed a bill in the state legislature that would eliminate the requirement for a front-mounted license plate on cars with Texas registration. King serves as a Republican member of the Texas House of Representatives currently in his third term. His proposal is officially called House Bill , filed back on January 7. And these are cars without traditional bumpers that have a license plate bracket.

There are a lot of excuses a cop can use to pull you over, but there are probably none more frustrating than a license plate infraction. The best way to prevent an unwanted pit-stop is to understand the license plate laws in Texas and make sure your vehicle has the correct equipment. Two license plates, front and back, well lit at night. Yes, Texas is one of the 31 states that requires vehicles to have a front and rear license plate. Despite the fact that every state bordering Texas requires only one plate, Section

In our blog about vehicle problems that are illegal to drive with in Texas , we mentioned that an unreadable license plate is something that can get you pulled over, but do you know the rest of the Texas license plate laws? Make sure you are driving legally, and with up-to-date registration by following these rules. You May Like: Is it legal to drive barefoot in Texas? Only 31 of the 50 states require license plates on the front and rear of a vehicle, but Texas is one of them. Both plates should be on the bumpers of the vehicle front and rear , no more than 12 inches from the road. The rear license plate must also be illuminated clearly enough to be seen from 50 feet away.

I recently started a new job and was driving with a co-worker. The police pulled me over. I immediately though to myself I'm not speeding I'm not texting I didn't run a red light so why am I being pulled over? The cop gave me a warning because I didn't have a front license plate. He said I will get a ticket if I don't install a front license plate.

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Corvette-Driving State Rep Proposes For Texas Law Ending Front Plates

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