Torch lake 4th of july

Torch Lake Sandbar Full of People, Extra Sheriff Patrols

torch lake 4th of july

Summer 2k19 4th Of July torch Lake

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We have heard Torch Lake is beautiful and want to experience it and the Sand Bar. We would like to bring our boat. Where would you recommend staying? How long in a boat does it take to circle this large lake? Is there an area you want to laund at so your close to the sand bar?? We have been to TC before, loved it but would like to explore inland lakes. Your help understand Torch would be great

Although smaller and better behaved than in previous years, the crowd of outdoor recreationists that gathered on the sandbar at the south end of Torch Lake over the July 4 holiday period last week was still very large, which kept area law enforcement and first responders busy. Grocery stores, gas stations, and restaurants were full of customers, many from out of town, cars filled the highways, and area waters were busy with outdoor recreationists in boats, personal watercraft and kayaks throughout most of last week. With its history of problems during previous Fourth of July holiday periods, when large crowds of partiers have gathered to enjoy the holiday, the Torch Lake sandbar at the south end of Torch Lake has been the focus of a full force of first responders from Antrim and Kalkaska counties. Weather, which varied between hot and sunny to cooler with rain showers, played a large part in the number of people present in the Torch River area, According to Boni. Boni added that the size of this year's holiday crowds, like last year, appeared smaller than in earlier years. One boat visiting the area this year carried a Baptist minister believed to be from out of state, who, as in previous years, preached to the crowd on the sins allegedly being committed on the sandbar. Read the full story in our regular edition of The Review.

The 5 Most Wild Videos from the Torch Lake Sandbar 4th of July Parties

People with homes around Michigan's Torch Lake are still picking up the trash after a Fourth of July party that grows larger by the year. This year, thousands showed up to party on the water, bringing alcoholic drinks and loud music with them.

Wondering where to watch the fireworks and find 4th of July fun in northern Michigan? There are many communities that have organized events, including parades, along with a fireworks display! Here are numerous places within driving distance of Traverse City to catch a great fireworks show. Each fireworks show takes place at dusk around p. Arrive early and have some family fun, especially if the show is along the water! Spend the evening enjoying fun and activities at the family carnival then watching fireworks at dusk. Take part in the many 4th of July activities happening in Leland.

Last year's holiday weekend saw much thinner and tamer crowds at Torch Lake compared to the year before when more than 10, people were drawn to the sandbar area for a three-day party. The event outraged local residents, which led to a civil lawsuit filed by the non-profit organization, Torch Lake Protection Alliance. Torch Lake's massive sandbar party leaves residents angry, poop and trash on shore. Torch Lake party-goers crowd private property, blocking off driveways and standing in people's yards. Last year, state police quadrupled its forces from previous years, while officers with the DNR's law enforcement division doubled their resources for the holiday weekend, and the Kalkaska Sheriff's Office increased their forces by 25 percent.



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