Carmen de la calle san antonio

Carmens de la Calle

carmen de la calle san antonio

Carmen's de la Calle is an intimate social venue with Live Jazz Flamenco World and more, located on the busy street of North Flores in San Antonio, Texas.

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Type: Live Music. Follow 10Best Like 10Best. Gruene Hall. Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club. Bar America. Cowboys Dancehall. Carmens de la Calle Cafe.

It's a small cozy restaurant close to downtown.
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We may not all speak the same language but, there are experiences which allow us to feel connected at the human level. Flamenco is one. It is a gateway art form which draws you in with its strength of presence and storytelling. Flamenco is a cultural experience which can be enjoyed locally as an inclusive and accessible event. Though its origins and current styles are a topic of academic debate, flamenco music and dance, continues to be a passionate demonstration of how multiple cultures have synthesized into a global language, which at times can manifest itself as duende.

Paula Sullivan prepares a cup of Coffee at Carmens de la Calle. Photo by Matt Bynum. I remember my first encounter with flamenco. At the time, it was one of the few places you could catch a flamenco show on a regular basis. A single dancer and guitarist sat in the center of the room ready to perform for the tightly packed audience.

Carmens de la Calle, San Antonio

Mandy Lynn Lara at Carmens de la Calle

Carmen de la Calle

Carmen is on top of her game! Simple storefront hides a great dining experience. Global Menu is on a chalk board and changes daily. There is a cover charge for the Flamenco dancing but the food alone makes the trip worth the cover. Goat cheese The entrees are about the same. Employees are RUDE - we arrived at 6 pm



Carmens de la Calle Cafe






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