Are sunflowers poisonous to dogs

Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants

are sunflowers poisonous to dogs

Even though sunflowers are not toxic to a dog's health, you might not appreciate it when your dog starts munching and mowing down your flower garden.

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Despite rumors that cheery, bright sunflowers are poisonous, there's no truth to the claim. Sunflowers are not only perfectly safe for humans, but also non-toxic to dogs, cats, and horses, according to the ASPCA. Therefore, if your pet starts to chomp on your carefully cultivated garden sunflowers—or if it happens to find some growing in the wild—you can rest assured that no harm will befall. However, some people report experiencing contact dermatitis when handling sunflowers. If this is the case, you might develop a red, itchy rash. Not only are sunflowers not poisonous, but the flowers can be used in a variety of applications beyond simply sprucing up a garden or, in the case of a cut arrangement, a room in your home.

By the middle of the summer and continuing into the beginning of fall, bright yellow sunflowers can be found growing both naturally and in personal gardens all across North America. Humans have come to cherish the large, bright blooms of the sunflower, and have been cultivating savory sunflower seeds as a snack for many years. Dogs who live near a place where sunflowers grow have been known to snack on a few seeds—usually along with the flowers, leaves and stems. Although dogs will eat the entire sunflower, including the leaves, they are probably only after the seeds. They are also not the only animals to go after sunflower seeds.

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And I too, like all pet owners, have had the worry of whether or not one of my furry friends has eaten something dangerous, accidental or otherwise. And sunflower seeds were on that list. So, are sunflower seeds poisonous to dogs, or cats. Make sure the sunflower seeds are washed as impurities may be on them. Take the shells off so they eat the kernels sunflower hearts only, and if shop bought, make sure they are the unsalted and unflavored variety. Cats and dogs can enjoy sunflower seeds as a snack, or a treat. They have so much nutritional value.

Big, bold and beautiful, sunflowers Helianthus spp. They may even catch the eye of your cat, who may be tempted to bat the flowers and leaves around, or even nibble on a petal or two. If your feline friend tries to sample the goods, never fear -- sunflowers are not poisonous to cats. Sunflowers are hardy in U. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 6 through 9.

Are Sunflower Seeds Poisonous to Dogs? Cats and Other Pets?

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