The untold truth bts lyrics english

BTS – The Truth Untold ??? ?? ?? [Lyrics English Translation]

the untold truth bts lyrics english

BTS - The Truth Untold (English cover) by Ysabelle Cuevas (Lyrics)

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This garden is filled with blossoming loneliness I tied myself to this sand castle filled with thorns. What is your name? Do you even have a place to go? Oh could you tell me? I saw you hiding in this garden. And I know Your heat is real Your hand picks the green flowers I want to hold it but. A flower that resembles you Blossomed in this garden of loneliness I wanted to give it to you As I take off this stupid mask.

Read BTS - The Truth Untold (??? ?? ??) - English Cover from the story Ysabelle Cuevas Cover Lyrics by JJKOnlyBliss (Hannah) with reads. bts, .
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The Truth Untold (??? ?? ??) (English translation)

And I know neoui ongin modu da jinjjaran geol pureun kkocceul kkeokkneun son japgo sipjiman. Full of loneliness This garden is bloomed Full of thorns I hung myself in this sand castle. - Loneliness is in full bloom In this garden A bed of thorns I tied myself to this sand castle. What is your name?





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    Intro: Singularity

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    I bind myself in this sand castle. BTS - Love Yourself ? ‘Tear’ (English Translation) () Genius English Translations. BTS - Intro: Singularity (English Translation).

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    Ysabelle Cuevas Lyrics. "The Truth Untold (??? ?? ??) (English Cover)" ( originally by BTS feat. Steve Aoki). I wake up in a castle. In a blossoming garden.

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