Which of the following is a land resource

Master of Science in Physical Land Resources

which of the following is a land resource

Which of the following is a land resource A a computer programmer C silicon from ECON 1B at Pasadena City College.

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In this article we will discuss about:- 1. Meaning and Definition of Land 2. Characteristics of Land 3. Functions 4. Importance 5. Land stands for all nature, living and non-living which are used by man in production. Even though land is passive factor and it does not possess any ability to produce on its own, it is an important agent of production.

Natural resources are those resources created by nature. Some examples of natural resources include coal, aluminum, and gold. Coal is a nonrenewable natural resource; there is no way to create more coal once it has been used for fuel. Aluminum and gold are also nonrenewable, but these may be recycled. Renewable natural resources, such as trees, are alive and can reproduce themselves. Other examples of natural resources include air, water, and soil, and various types of energy, such as tidal, geothermal, wind, and solar.

Land , In economics, the resource that encompasses the natural resources used in production. In classical economics , the three factors of production are land, labour , and capital. Like land, its definition has been broadened over time to include payment to any productive resource with a relatively fixed supply. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback.

6. Which of the following is a land resource?

Procedures for land resource inventory 5., James Bullard Bio Vita.

A country's physical land resources are a fundamental pillar of support for human life and welfare. Worldwide, population pressures and severe degradation, pollution and desertification problems are threatening this - for several countries relatively scarce - natural resource, and cause competition between agricultural or industrial purposes, urban planning and nature conservation. To guarantee a proper use and management of this for a nation basic commodity, well trained specialists with a thorough knowledge of the properties and characteristics of this natural resource, and a solid insight in factors and measures that may alter its actual state and value are warranted and call for a high standard scientific and practical education. This programme aims at training researchers, academics, government staff and expert consultants in the inventory and detailed characterization of land capacity, and of soils in particular. Graduates should be able to understand the development and evolution of soils under natural conditions or following human interference using field, map, laboratory and remote sensing data. They should have the scientific knowledge to use and manage soil and water in a sustainable way, and to optimize land use under different natural and environmental conditions. This major offers training in non-agricultural use and application of soil, and includes geotechnical aspects use of soil as a building material or for foundations, slope stability and stability of excavations , the role of soil- and groundwater for water management and supply, soil management in relation to environment and land use erosion, sediment transport, coastal development and protection.



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    What are the 4 categories of economic resources or factors of production? 1. Land/Natural Resources 2. Labor 3. Capital 4. Entrepreneurship. Give examples of.

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    choices that are made in seeking the best use of resources. Economics involves Which of the following is a labor resource? A) A computer programmer.

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