My car key is stuck in the ignition yahoo answers

Key stuck in ignition?

my car key is stuck in the ignition yahoo answers

How To Fix - Car Key Stuck - In Ignition

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I have had this happen before in a Toyota Highlander. All I did was made sure the key was in the idle position and I wiggled it around and kept turning the key back and forth a few times. It worked for me. Hope it helps. Js answered 6 years ago. Could be a worn key or lock cylinder.

Key stuck in ignition? - Yahoo! Answers I had a similar problem in my 92 trans am, car was all the way in park but the.
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key stuck in ignition

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May 25, This may be of help to you as well: Also, on some cars, a very low or dead battery will cause the key to get stuck in the ignition. Why is my Pontiac g6 key stuck in the ignition.
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  1. Lea E. says:

    key stuck in ignition? | Yahoo Answers

  2. Arstocatex1965 says:

    But My Friends Car Did The Same Thing And Come To Find Out There Was A the car in our driveway - and out of the blue, the key gets stuck.

  3. Salvhokachchcons says:

    There should be a hole under the steering bezel you can push a small screwdriver in and release the solenoid. Just in front of the key.

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