Jason the toymaker x reader

Jason The Toymaker X Reader

jason the toymaker x reader

Read The New Toy (Jason the Toymaker x reader) from the story Creepypasta Lemons! by Kymmyekat (Kymmye) with reads. toy, maskyandhoodie.

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Not to be confused with creepypasta stories, that would take years along to put together for there is a ton of creepypasta stories I enjoy. I also should mention, I am not one for words. Just do. This is a well- known character, I, personally got into his character after happening on his stories. Him and his stories both have a very dark, and gothic like tone to them. I feel mostly unsettled to the set up he seems to build for ones who are lonely, and can reach out to a reader who tends to feel isolated and alone. I can hear the cries from the masses either screeching, and giggling or opposed against my personal opinion or thoughts.

I was an outcast, a silent killer, looking for a new prey. You chose to befriend me. That was your biggest mistake. It was the start of class. The bell had already rung so the students were rushing to their respective classrooms. You were already in your seat. You were popular.

Jason the Toymaker x Doll! Reader Pretty Lil' Thing. Oct 10, 6 min read.
transferring colleges after freshman year

This story you are about to read is a fan-made origin story, since Jason appears to have no origin. His creator has said they were going to give him one, buuuuttt then the fangirl thing happened. Therefore this is the closest thing we are going to get until told otherwise. It isn't also bad for an origin story either, considering how short and sweet it is. Most of the pictures of Jason are pretty outdated, for his appearance had been updated before the fangirl problem arose. His updated character sheets will be in the pictures below. Hence the pictures below, too.

The faces of my real parents were like faded masks in my mind. I only had some remains of my childhood, faceless names and total darkness. At the age of nine, something happened to my family. The trauma was so deep that it made me forget most of my life. I only had the shred of a memory related to my best friend. He was the only one who was there for me my whole life. It was an image stuck in my mind along with the melody from a music box.

You ran from the apartment you used to share with your abusive boyfriend, you should've left him a long time ago, but you caught him in bed with your best friend, that was too much for you. You kept running, deep into the rundown downtown, until you were completely out of breath. You looked around, you were next to an old looking toy shop, the neon sign said it was open so you let yourself in. The bell chimed when you stepped in. I am in the back" a sultry voice said, his voice had an underlying tone of danger. You walked further into the store, there was a tall man hunched over a workbench, he had long messy red hair pulled back into a ponytail. Your next step made the floor creak, he turned to face you, he had shocking yellow eyes and odd eyeliner.

(One-shot)Jason the Toy maker x reader

Jason the ToyMaker x Candypop: The Date

Jason the Toymaker

While fixing and cleaning up the new house after school one day she discovers a little Bunny. This Bunny will lead her into a world she never thought possible. Plus she must choose which world to belong to. Her choice is that of logic. What will happen in the world she is soon to be apart of? Who will she meet? What will happen on her journey?

Masky will most likely give you the longest silent treatment in all of humanity. Come on please! Masky let out a deep sigh and got up from his sitting position on his chair to speed walk towards you. But you only felt a pair of soft lips on your own. Hoodie may seem shy but when he is jealous he will use the second half of his personality; the aggressive side. What the hell?! The minute you both made it to Slender mansion Hoodie grabbed the sides of your face and crashed his lips onto yours.


Headcannon #129








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