Which cell phone has the best battery life 2015

Which phone has the best battery life? 5 top smartphones tested and compared

which cell phone has the best battery life 2015

The flagship phones crop for this and last season has already been all unveiled and accounted for. We have great phones to pick coming from.

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Some phones get great battery life simply because there's a giant battery inside, but certain phones will employ other tricks to keep your phone up and running, like quick-charging, removable battery packs to swap in and out, and efficient operating systems that get the most out of every charge. The Galaxy Note 5's 3,mAh battery gives the phone a great battery life, but the phone also features quick charging, which is ideal for making sure you're always charged. The Verge said in its review that the Galaxy Note 5 lasted eight hours of continuous website browsing, and it can easily last a day with "real world usage," which is amazing considering its huge, sharp, and bright 5. The Nexus 6P also has a huge battery at 3,mAh. Google says the 6P lets you have a non-stop conversations on the phone for 23 straight hours. It also uses USB-C for fast charging so a quick minute charge can give you hours of battery life.

Deciding on which smartphone to buy is no easy task. When making your decision, it's best to look at battery size measured in mAh to give you a bit of an indication of how long-lasting the phone is expected to be. Other factors such as display size and resolution and power efficiency still play a massive part, too. Every single phone that passes through our doors is faced with our in-house battery-life test. As such, we know exactly which phones you need to consider when making your next purchase if battery life is at the top of your agenda.

The best smartphones in the world today? Try these 15 out for size. For more in-depth reviews, click the links and watch the videos littered throughout the article. Galaxy S6 Edge. The Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Credit: Jay McGregor. Display: Curved 5.

Smartphone batteries are getting larger and larger, with the promise of phones that can go all day on a single charge. But which devices can really boast that they provide the best battery life for phones? In our battery test, we have phones continuously surf the web over LTE until they run out of juice. The Moto G7 Power puts almost every other phone to shame when it comes to lasting a long time on a single charge. Motorola's budget phone set the new standard for phone battery life, lasting Here are all the top performers we've tested in the last year-and-a-half.

Best phone battery life 2019: The longest-lasting smartphones ranked

For every phone we review, we perform battery tests. There are benchmarks, and just using the phone to see how long it really lasts in daily use. - We've seen a recent rash of smartphone announcements and while we still wait for a couple phones to become available, it looks like we know all the phones that are coming in

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