Back to the future billy zane

Billy Zane

back to the future billy zane

Billy Zane in Back to the Future

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William George Zane Jr. He is best known for his villainous role as Caledon Hockley in the epic romantic disaster film Titanic , as well as roles in the science fiction comedies Back to the Future and Back to the Future Part II , Dead Calm , the television series Twin Peaks , the western film Tombstone , the satirical comedy film The Silence of the Hams , the horror film Demon Knight , Kingdom Hearts , and the comedy-drama CQ Zane's first two screen roles were in the science fiction films Back to the Future in and Critters in , around the same time he appeared in the music video for Sheena Easton 's song "Do It For Love". Zane also appeared in an episode of Matlock entitled "The Nurse". Earlier that same year, Zane gained international recognition with the role of villain Hughie Warriner in the thriller Dead Calm , alongside Nicole Kidman and Sam Neill.

From his role as a part of Biff's gang in multiple Back to the Future movies to wicked Cal in Titanic— as well as his memorable work in Charmed, a Zoolander cameo, and dozens of other movies and TV shows—Billy Zane was once a reliably dashing presence on screens both big and small. But he doesn't seem to pop up to provide his quirky charm as much anymore, and we've wondered what he's been up to recently. Here's why you don't see Billy Zane much anymore…and how that could change. Nothing catches fast-food customers' attention quite like a change in a chain's beloved mascot, and Kentucky Fried Chicken—KFC to its legions of fans—has taken full advantage of this over the last few years. After decades of existing mainly as a kindly cartoon emblazoned on grease-lined buckets, Colonel Sanders started appearing in KFC's commercials again recently, with a twist: instead of an anonymous actor to play the part, they hired well-known faces like SNL vet Norm Macdonald and stand-up comic Jim Gaffigan.

Billy Zane first hit our screens as the be-quiffed, non-speaking teenager Match in 80s cult movie Back to the Future and whose main job was to stand behind bully Biff Tannen looking menacing or as menacing as it is possible to be with those sultry dark eyes. Zane had in fact auditioned for the role of Biff himself, only to lose out to Thomas F. Wilson whose team of teenage henchmen was entirely cast from actors who failed to win the chance to play Biff. Four years later, he filled the role again for the much acclaimed sequel not surprisingly named Back to the Future Part II. In , after spending the best part of a decade appearing in an almost endless litany of mostly awful films, Zane announced that he was going to be spending more time in the land of his ancestors — Greece. Showing his good side the project will be slightly philanthropic, donating a certain amount of profits to Greek charities , Zane is to import Greek olive oil Iliadi olive oil, to be precise from the town of Mani to the United States as well as potentially Brazil and China.

What Ever Happened To Billy Zane

Match was portrayed by actor Billy Zane, who is most famous role was as the In Back to the Future: The Game released by Telltale Games in
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